Companies Are Looking For These 20 Skills

As technology quickly advances, today’s job skills continuously face the challenge of being outdated. So how do you evolve with the job market's ever-changing needs?

Embracing ongoing education is one of the ways to be the most promising candidate in the shortlist. Hiring managers now expect you to be responsible for learning new skills on your own. For them, instead of expecting the employer or potential employer to provide advanced training, you should be responsible for your learning experiences and growth.

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4 Ways to Recruit Gen Z

The 2019 graduating class is fresh out of college and ready to join the work pool. Many of these individuals, while green, will have new ways of thinking and the very latest in education at their fingertips. This can make them a desirable hire. However, hiring Gen Z talent isn't always the same as hiring individuals from different generations.

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A Job Seeker’s Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing, Just Career Opportunity

According to a recent survey, for the first time in recent history, money is taking a back seat to the opportunity for career growth.

Now ranked number one on the list of the most important factors when searching for new job opportunities is career growth. It has surpassed prior priorities, including compensation, healthcare, and retirement benefits, among others.

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