3 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing with Company Culture

In today’s evolving workplace, revitalizing corporate culture is a big challenge. There are no easily definable ways to shift company culture into a new direction. But nowadays, many business leaders have started to heed the call and place a higher priority on actively endeavoring to change their workplace culture for the better.

While creating strategies and hiring new talent are comparatively easier for C-suite executives, changing the culture requires them to slow down and determine tangible steps and measures they can take. And there are also some missteps that must be avoided to ensure company success in transforming culture.

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Four Must-Have Skills of a Compliance Manager

Across industries today, different government regulations help ensure that businesses operate legally and ethically to protect employees and consumers. To adhere to these government and legal standards, companies work tirelessly to establish policies and procedures (P&P).

But carefully outlining P&Ps is only one side of the coin. Someone has to steward team members in following P&Ps and guarantee that the business is always compliant. In most companies, this responsibility lies mainly in the Compliance Manager.

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Could Chicago Be A Rising Tech Hub?

Historically, Chicago hasn't been known as a major American tech hub. But, as its base of tech talent continues to grow, this might change the way Chicago is viewed in the industry.

According to a report by real estate company CBRE, Chicago's tech labor pool is growing at a noticeable clip. Of the 50 growing tech markets in the U.S. and Canada, Chicago grabbed the third spot.

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