Could Chicago Be A Rising Tech Hub?

Historically, Chicago hasn't been known as a major American tech hub. But, as its base of tech talent continues to grow, this might change the way Chicago is viewed in the industry.

According to a report by real estate company CBRE, Chicago's tech labor pool is growing at a noticeable clip. Of the 50 growing tech markets in the U.S. and Canada, Chicago grabbed the third spot.

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Virginia Holds the Crown as a Business State

Recently, Virginia was named by CNBC as the "Top State for Business" in 2019. This is the fourth time Virginia has earned this recognition. They scored the highest in the 10 business competitiveness categories that CNBC uses to rank all 50 states. The main reason for Virginia's win? Arlington's high-profile deal to house the $5 billion Amazon's second headquarters (Amazon HQ2).

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NYC: Swipe Right on These Accounting & Finance Jobs

As the economy continues to grow, companies continue to need employees to get the business going and thrive better, especially in high-demand industries. 

One such industry is accounting and finance. In fact, this industry's cross-functional role in any business type resulted in a consistent jobless rate of below 2% only for accounting and finance professionals. With a lot of options available, these professionals sometimes become picky about the jobs and the salaries they're being offered.

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