Top Paying Jobs Are in Denver

Posted by Chris Bonnstetter on Jul 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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As America enters into a new era of unparalleled productivity, more and more cities have positioned themselves as enticing workplace options. And just recently, new data has been released suggesting that Denver is quickly developing into a hub for top-paying jobs. Balancing the mix of high-quality jobs and innovative industries, Denver is now becoming an economically complex city home to diverse opportunities.

Why Denver?

In Moody's Analytics and ADP data analyzed by Ladders Inc., Denver ranked 12th among America’s cities with jobs that pay six-figure salaries. San Francisco ranked 1st, but its cost of living is much higher compared to Denver. This makes Denver an attractive job market for job seekers, especially for newly graduated millennials and returning baby boomers.

Let's also consider the introduction of automation and artificial intelligence. Experts say that future workers will be forced to adapt to the landscape shift and pursue jobs in industries that are not easily replaceable by machines. Take industries, for example, that are competent in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. A lot of companies in Denver belong to these type of industries with high workforce demand. This just shows that Denver’s future job growth will be inevitable not only because of the high-paying jobs it offers but also because of its flourishing, hard-to-replace industries.

Denver’s Top Industries

Over the past years, Denver has become one of the top cities for technology workers searching for jobs. Nearly 9.2% of the 1.4 million employees in Denver work in STEM-related fields. Denver currently has about 5,000 jobs available, and most of them are offering attractive salaries. Apart from software engineers, other competitively paid roles in Denver are account executives and sales managers. The city has a consistent level of growth in giving workers high pay, and this trend is foreseen to continue in the future.

Experts and analysts alike have agreed that 2019 has the potential to be the strongest hiring economy in history. And Denver is already taking advantage of this opportunity by being well-positioned and following the market's momentum. With abundant jobs up for grab by top talents, Denver will surely continue to thrive as a land of high-paying jobs in an ever-shifting job economy.

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