Top Challenges Recruiters Will Face in 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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For hiring managers, one thing is certain: changing the page on the calendar to a new year, or even a new month, can bring lots of uncertainties. You have a plan and a budget, but any number of things can (and probably will) happen to make your job more challenging.

Economic uncertainty aside, there are other things that are largely out of your control as a hiring manager. For example, if you're hiring workers right out of college, their skill level will depend largely on the curriculum offered by their college or university - that can vary widely from school to school and may change frequently. The continuing rapid changes in technology in most industries can also have a major impact on hiring, as you need workers who understand and are able to use the latest programs and tools.

The job of filling new or newly vacant positions isn't easy. Here are some of the biggest challenges that will continue to impact hiring managers in 2017:

1. Inefficiencies in the recruiting process.

Although advances in technology tools designed to help hiring managers find the best candidates have changed the way many companies source and vet candidates, there is still ample opportunity for inefficiencies in the process.

All too often, there's not enough emphasis placed on screening or evaluating a candidate's ability to do the job well. The result can be candidates who aren't prepared for their roles, creating more work in the long run for HR and training departments.

Even though advanced technologies are available to aid you in your hiring decisions, the best way to connect with your candidates is still good, old-fashioned communication. The use of collaboration is key in the hiring process and is ultimately much more beneficial than simply relying on technology alone. That's not to say you shouldn't use technology at all; just that its use should be balanced with other methods.

2. Finding qualified candidates.

Going into a candidate search with a job description and a list of qualifications needed to do the job well is critical. After all, you need to find someone who will get the job done well, and who will be a good fit within the organization. However, don't make the mistake of only considering potential workers who meet a long set of rigid qualifications making them the perfect candidate.

Your job is to find qualified candidates; that doesn't mean perfect candidates. Remember that every potential worker is unique, with a set of skills and background experiences that make them different from others. Sometimes, hiring managers can get caught up in the trap of refusing to consider candidates because of some arbitrarily-defined list of qualifications that, in truth, aren't critical to success in the role you're hiring to fill.

Acknowledge, and embrace, diversity in your candidates. Those differences can help foster a stronger workplace culture.

3. Retaining your current workforce.

While you may be focusing a lot of energy on how to attract and hire the best workers, don't do it at the expense of your valuable long-time employees as well as those you've brought into the organization in recent years.

If you're not devoting sufficient resources to training and fostering an organizational culture employees want to be part of, you'll run the risk of losing them to the competition. 

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The workers you bring into the company can have a big impact on your company's culture; that culture can be an enormous factor in retaining (or attracting) top talent for your organization. At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we understand that top skills and culture are both critically important, and work together to make a good fit.

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