Top 5 Hiring Trends Expected to Emerge in 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Technology has changed almost every aspect of daily life for most Americans.  It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, then, to realize that it’s effecting how companies find new employees and how job seekers are finding potential employers.  Ideally, these changes will usher in a new wave of efficiency to the job hunting process, but only if these new tools are used thoughtfully and productively by the people who are ultimately in charge of making hiring decisions.

HR Bots 

Many job seekers are familiar with the software that searches through thousands of resumes looking for key terms that line up with a position’s requirements.  Some of the more sophisticated software can even rank candidates or select those most likely to be hired for a particular position.  In 2017, these software programs will continue to expand.  An HR manager will soon be able to make specific requests regarding wide pools of candidates.  Some of the most sophisticated programs will even be able to craft basic job descriptions or search websites such as LinkedIn to find candidates.

Curated Profiles

Companies who frequently hire high numbers of employees at a time are using curated profiles to reduce the time spent on the hiring process.  Essentially, these programs are capable of finding candidates that meet the basic level of requirements for a position and conduct an initial interview meant to determine whether or not they meet the basic qualifications of the job.

It is important to note that this technology is at a beginning stage.  It cannot conduct in-depth interviews, but it can screen high numbers of candidates to determine if they meet the basic job qualifications.

Employee Referral 

Rewarding employees who refer a potential employee to their company has become a standard practice at many companies, but 2017 will see a lot of companies looking to improve on this system.  Rather than simply handing out rewards for a referral, many companies are exploring the possibility of having their in-house employees conduct searches and initial interviews.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

As the improving economy means that employers have to cast a wider net in order to find qualified candidates, many companies are turning over their recruitment process to outside firms.  This is a particularly valuable tool for companies that don’t want to waste resources on a dedicated HR department, as well as those that need to recruit in areas beyond their current scope.

Outside firms are becoming much more popular among companies that really need a human element in their hiring process.  While many technology tools are available to sort large numbers of candidates, it is becoming more common for companies to consider issues such as retainability and how a particular candidate will fit in with the existing organization.

Of course, it’s important to note that outside hiring firms can use the most up to date technology to attract candidates.  In fact, many small to mid-size companies choose to use an outside recruitment firm instead of making the investment in software that will only be used to hire a handful of people.  Firms such as RCI use a combinations of the latest technology and human interaction to find the right candidates for a variety of positions.

Location based, app based hiring

Job seekers have been able to search for job openings by zip code for a number of years, but these searches tend to exclude large numbers of offers that a job seeker would otherwise consider if they knew about the potential benefits.  The newest job search apps will allow candidates to see potential jobs that meet or exceed their requirements even if a move would be required.  Furthermore, these apps could also notify passive jobseekers (those not actively looking to switch jobs) of opportunities close to them.

The year 2017 will bring some innovations to the hiring process, but hardly any company will rely solely on these tools to find their new workers.  A team of professionals will be able to use these tools to identify potential candidates and produce a small pool of great applicants.  From there, they’ll be able to use their years of experience to choose the right employee for a job opening.  

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