These Jobs Are Straight Fire in 2019

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Are you looking for a new job in 2019? You're in luck. It's a candidates market and there some hot jobs in the tech industry that you should include in your job search. Read on to learn about the roles that are a job seeker's paradise and where you're practically guaranteed to land a job you love.

But I'm Not a Techy! No problem!

You want to work in tech, yet you feel more comfortable with a book in your hand. That's not a problem because you don't have to be an engineer to land a tech job. In fact, there's a brand-new species of tech jobs just waiting for you and for which you most likely already have experience already. They're called hybrid roles and consist of non-tech jobs at tech companies. They include the following:

1. Marketing, Promotion, and Advertising

You're good with words and people, so why not add this skill set to help a tech company? You'll require a bachelor's degree and can expect a median pay of $129,380. Your job will be to promote your company's goods or services.

2. Sales Manager

Are you a born salesman? If so, tech companies need you, and they're willing to pay a median salary of $121,060. A Bachelor's degree is required. 

3. Receptionist

Answer phones, schedule appointments, greet customers and others when they come into the office. All you need is a high school diploma. The median pay for this position is $28,390. 

E-Commerce is Flourishing: Get in on the Action

Online shopping is exploding. Just consider Amazon, the biggest online retail giant on the planet. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the online retail industry have grown by 80% since 1997. Here are three jobs that can land you in the tech sector:

1. Market Research Analyst

In this position, you will help a tech company discover what people want to buy. A bachelor's degree is required, and the median pay is $63,230.

2. Customer Service Representative

Get in with a tech company but taking a position helping customers. A high school diploma is required, and the median pay is  $32,890. 

3. Applications Software Developer

Help tech companies develop their own software and watch your career climb. A bachelor's degree is required, and the median pay is $101,790. 

Whether you are interested in the technical side or not, ICS has a job for you. Check below to start looking through our open roles. We'd love to work with you to find you a job that works for you.

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