These 10 Tech Jobs Have the Largest Gender Pay Gap

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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A significant pay gap remains between the genders according to a recent study. Inequitable pay between men and women exists across the board in all U.S. industries. 

However, slight improvements have occurred in recent years, a Glassdoor report says. The research, released in April, reveals some startling conclusion--at the current gains, the pay gap between the sexes will remain until at least 2070.

How the Numbers Were Reached

The report evaluated nearly half a million salaries on Glassdoor, going back three years, while the analysis used data for particular job titles within various industries. As a result of this level of specificity, the report was able to calculate both adjusted and unadjusted pay gaps in the United States. The adjusted pay gap accounted for age, education, job title, experience, and other factors.

So, what is the pay gap for women versus men?

The Current Pay Gap

According to the report, the unadjusted pay gap between men and women is 21.4%. In monetary terms, women are earning $0.79 for every $1 that men do. However, the adjusted average puts the pay gap at just 4.9%.

Jobs with Largest Pay Gaps

The good news is that the gap has closed slightly, which is a hopeful sign for women. However, analysts agree that the United States has a ways to go. This is particularly true in media, retail and technical fields.  Within the tech sector, a number of jobs pay relatively high salaries. However, salary differences can clearly be seen. 

The report lists ten tech occupations that show the largest gender gap percentages:

  1. Computer programmers at 11.6%
  2. Data specialist at 11.5%
  3. Systems technician at 10.4%
  4. Information security specialist at 9%
  5. Game artist at 8.8%
  6. Technical advisor at 8.3%
  7. Software architect at 8.1%
  8. Mobile developer at 7.3%
  9. SEO strategist at 7.3%
  10. Sharepoint developer at 6.8%

Bottom Line

Half of the respondents to the Glassdoor report say that senior company leadership needs to recognize the inequities in their own organizations and work to close them. About 32% of employees think the situation will only improve if the government is involved. Federal laws on equal pay could resolve the issue once and for all. Another32% believe a change in company policies dealing with compensation could solve the problem within individual companies. 

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