The Tech Job Market in Denver is A Double Edged Sword For Employers

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

In ICS insights, hiring trends

It's not a secret that tech is a great market to be in today. With new advancements and businesses facing new problems, tech is growing and with it comes the opportunity for jobs. Denver is a region that's experiencing a boom, in fact, it's the nation's second-most attractive city for tech jobs. In particular, software engineers are finding Denver to be one of the most appealing places to work and live. The number one place? Austin, TX wins that title with a lower cost of living. 

It all comes down to quality of life, level of impact, and industry growth. The attractive pull of Denver is relevant to employers too. Both sides of the coin are important when talking about such an influx of popularity.

So what does this mean for tech employers in Denver? Much longer hiring cycles. Hiring managers that are experiencing these issues are seeing both edges of the popularity sword first-hand.


Can Your Infrastructure Handle The Applicant Firehose? 

U.S. technology employees are no stranger to city living expenses and long working hours, which makes this booming tech job market in Denver so alluring. Low cost of living expenses, gorgeous landscapes, and a reputation for having a great work-life balance put this area at the top of the list, surpassing other tech hubs like San Francisco. 

Too much of a good thing? Your infrastructure might think so. Explosive candidate growth in a hyperlocal region can cause a multitude of issues, all of which will deteriorate the candidate experience. Extended times with limited or no communication lead to longer hiring cycles, candidate withdrawal, and limitless missed opportunities for the ideal employee. 

With greater candidate pools comes greater strain on your infrastructure. Recruiting processes should have already evolved to take care of this influx, but if your company hasn't yet done this, consider your hiring infrastructure an endangered species just waiting to go extinct. Improve and adapt or get left behind, even more than you already are at this point. Get more involved in the strategic end of staffing. 


Relocations Dilute The Local Talent Pool 

Where the trend is, the young will follow. With a constant flow of new business and tech, there is expansion for existing companies and also new ones just starting out. This brings great opportunities for those able to relocate. These are usually people who don't have serious ties to their area or have the energy for a move, typically the younger generations. Wherever employers are on the spectrum of culture, there is a popular notion amongst the older crowd that they are not wanted in these new tech companies. 

In some cases, there are more qualified job seekers, but the surge in candidates can offset the number of local individuals that may be of an older generational group. The market could certainly use this talent, but employers will never see them due to diluted workforces. This could all be fixed with more human input into the staffing process. 


Maximizing A Blended Workforce 

A blended workforce should be your end goal. Find out what talent shortages exist in your workplace before attempting to target your generational gaps. Doing this work upfront will allow you to be more strategic when creating job descriptions, compensation and benefit packages, and deciding where to list the opening. 

There is a learning curve to this process and the sooner you work at it, the sooner you can reap the benefits. Part of the challenge is figuring out how different generations respond to your industry and your culture. On the plus side, this affects all hiring practices, not just your goals for a blended workplace. 

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