The Summer Internship Program: Five Corporate Gains

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 31, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Another school year is winding down at high schools, trade schools and colleges across the country. That means that in the coming weeks, at companies of every size across the country, thousands of eager entry-level workers will begin summer internships.

If your company does not currently have an internship program in place, it may be too late to implement one for 2017. However, by planning now, you can be ready to kick off summer 2018 with student interns or recent graduates who want to work in your field, and who are motivated to put what they've been learning to use. 

In this blog post, the first in a two-part series, we will highlight several benefits organizations can achieve by creating summer internship programs. 

How Bringing Interns into Your Company can Provide Long-Term Benefits 

Staffing agencies know that companies' hiring needs generally fall into one of two main categories: Meeting current demand/needs or staffing up for future objectives/future growth. Although it may not be obvious, summer interns can actually help fill both of those needs and more.

Here are five of the top benefits companies can enjoy while using interns:

1. Keep productivity up during vacation season. In most companies, summer is a time when there is often an uptick in employees taking a week or more of vacation. When you have interns in place, you can keep departments running smoothly while your regular workers are out. Summer interns can also be a great resource for working on special projects that your staff never seems to have the bandwidth to handle. 

2. Fresh perspective. Your full-time workers who have been with you for years are great and really know the business, but there's value in bringing in someone with a fresh perspective too. Interns have been learning about your industry in school and can bring new ideas that spur innovation. Just because you've always done something a certain way doesn't mean there isn't a more efficient, more effective way of accomplishing that task. 

3. Test-drive future workers. Summer internships are a great way to find workers who could be great permanent additions to your team. However, you're only committing to a 9-13 week internship program initially. If an intern's skills and personality mesh with your company's work culture, you'll have the opportunity to hire workers who already know your firm. Of course, the flip side of this is that interns are test-driving the companies they work for too, to find out if they would enjoy being on the employee roster on a more permanent basis.

4. Interns are brand ambassadors. Today's students are tech-savvy, internet-savvy, and most of them use social media on a daily basis. Even if they're not brought on as "social media interns," your summer interns can play a big part in helping to spread brand awareness for your company. Remember that your interns' peers and other social networking connections may be future employees or future customers of your firm. Just be sure to train interns on your firm's social media and branding policies.

5. Give back to your community. When you hire local students to fill internships, you're giving back to the local community by strengthening the workforce. Of course, you're also supporting those student interns themselves, helping them gain valuable work experience. 

ICS Supports Internship Programs

Creating a summer internship program starts with identifying your business needs, and identifying areas where additional, temporary entry-level workers could step in to add value. At ICS, we understand and support the use of interns to help companies grow and foster the next generation of workers.  

Be sure to watch for the second installment of this two-part blog series on internships. In that post, we'll delve into some of the risks that can come with employee internship programs, and we'll explore ways employers can protect themselves from those risks. 

To learn more about how ICS helps companies fill their staffing needs for a variety of roles including accounting and finance, legal and compliance, information technology and corporate support, contact us today. 
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