The Secret to Recruiting More Veterans

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Each year, approximately 250,000 service members make the transition out of the armed services. Once out, these talented individuals begin looking for jobs with military-friendly companies that know how to put their skills and abilities to good use.

The fact is, veterans have quite a bit to offer in the civilian workforce. Most are educated, professional, and detail oriented self-starters who have a very strong work ethic. As a result, it only makes sense for more businesses and companies to begin touting themselves as being a military friendly workplace in order to help and attract these qualified men and women.

Some recruiting practices that will help you and your company attract veterans can be found below:

Developing a Winning Strategy to Recruit Veterans

The recruitment strategy can encompass many things. You can attend job fairs at military installations or post your available positions on various military job boards. These are effective ways to find former military members and encourage them to join your team.

Some of the job boards you can consider using include the careers channel on A company that has done this is American Electric Power. They have enhanced the veteran recruitment practices they use by taking the time to attend various career fairs for veterans, and have posted their job openings on the website. Thanks to these efforts, the company has achieved more veteran job candidates and also solidified its reputation as being a military-friendly employer.

Leverage Your Networks and Existing Team Members

You should go to your workforce, especially those who are former military members, themselves. They may be able to refer unit friends or other veterans they know for the positions that are open in your company.

Be Sure to Market Your Organization as an Employer of Choice

If you want to do this effectively, you have to make sure to build your brand and image in the military community. You will be able to highlight the veterans who are currently working in your organization and talk about the amazing work they are doing. You can also create military specific collateral – such as buttons, hats, and brochures – specifically for your company.

Utilize Any Existing Private or Government Initiatives

There are more than a few websites available today that provide great resources regarding how you can attract the top veteran applicants to your company. Even more, the majority of these resources allow you to post the positions that are available at no charge. As a result, you can find the workers you need in a place where they will be searching.

Understand How You Can Translate Civilian Skills into Military Jargon

You can use veterans in your company or organization as mentors for all of your new recruits. With these mentors, you can help potential employees translate their military skills into skills that a civilian employer will understand. There are even online skills translators available that can provide assistance in translating the various military skills.

When it comes to hiring veteran workers, there are more than a few benefits that are offered. You will find that this can help to strengthen your workforce while helping those who have served the country. Use the tips and information here to help ensure you get the results that you want from the hiring efforts that you have put forth.

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