The Job Market Has A New Boss

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 31, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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In the midst of the Great Recession a decade ago, finding a job proved more than just a little difficult. Jobs, even basic, entry-level jobs, become difficult. Experienced professionals who lost their own lines of employment were forced to swoop in and take these entry positions, which left recent graduates unemployed. They simply couldn't compete with someone who had worked in the career path for years (if not decades). Now, ten years later, the Great Recession has ended, and good-paying jobs have slowly returned. If you're a recent graduate, or if you were looking for a job during the recession and only now are finding real work, this is the best time to go employment hunting in years. If you're searching for a new position, you need to understand the market.

Some of what you need to keep an eye out for when applying to new positions includes:

  • Higher salaries
  • Different business attire
  • New discounts and benefits
  • New work environments
  • Different hiring tactics

Higher Salaries

Companies are starting to pay more to both attract new employees and to keep hold of these employees. Businesses are discovering it's far more important to increase pay and keep a valuable worker than to go cheap and potentially lose the employee to another company. It costs far more to go out and find a replacement employee, get them up to speed and train them than it is to keep the current worker happy. Additionally, a higher salary attracts more qualified professionals. As the old saying goes, a business does get what it pays for, and it's true.

Different Business Attire

Some offices still require the professional suit and tie. Others require a strict work uniform. However, more companies are looking for ways to increase how comfortable you are at the job. That is why more and more businesses are now relaxing a formerly strict dress code. If you're interested in coming to work as you are, in your favorite rock band t-shirt, or in a comfortable pair of jeans, this is a new perk many offices are providing. 

New Discounts and Benefits

Much like the higher salary, companies are looking for ways to attract top talent. One such way to do this is through new discounts and benefits. A company might offer significantly discounted services for employees. Health benefits and retirement funding are going up, and many companies now offer unlimited vacation days, just as long as an employee can stay on top of their job and get the necessary level of work done. The modern office is greatly changing right along with the new boss. So when searching on the job market, make sure to look for the different benefits and discounts offered by a hiring company. 

New Work Environments

The modern office has changed. Some businesses still rely on the traditional cubicle and office settings. Others offer open workspaces, allowing you to come in, sit where you want, and work where you're comfortable. Changing your view every few hours keeps your mind energized and can boost work potential. Other employees have done away with the office altogether. If you're interested in working at home or remotely, this is becoming a growing trend. Companies pay employees more and as such instill a greater level of trust. The business trusts a worker such as yourself to finish your work and hand it in on schedule, no matter where you work. So whether you're interested in working from home, the local coffee shop, or you've been wanting to travel and work at the same time, this might be an option under the new job market. 

Different Hiring Tactics 

With the changes in how the modern office and bosses work, hiring tactics have changed as well. For starters, hiring often takes longer. Employers want to make sure they properly vet out candidates. If they are going to be paying an employee more while giving improved benefits, the businesses want to make sure the employee is able to handle the workload. 

If you are brought in for an interview, we want to make sure you know that negotiating is now a common part of the hiring process. The business will offer you a set salary and benefits. However, if the business is doing this, it obviously is interested in you and your level of skills. It's up to you to leverage your in-demand skills and use it to negotiate for a higher salary and improved benefits. The worst thing that happens is your potential new boss says no to the higher salary. That's fine, but you should try to obtain additional perks and benefits that are more important to you. Whether this is more vacation time, more sick days, or dental packed into your health coverage, the modern job market now expects you to negotiate. 

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