The Hottest Tech Talent Demands For 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

In ICS insights, hiring trends

If your company is currently searching for IT workers, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that this sector of the labor market is one of the most sought-after by employers.In fact, the unemployment for technology workers tends to hover around 2%, and it’s typical for labor reports to show between 500,000 and 2,000,000 openings for jobs in this field in any given year.

If your company needs to find talent in this sector, it’s important to know where you’ll find the highest demand for workers.  If you need employees in the following areas, it would be a good idea to talk to a company such as ICS with experience in recruiting and developing the top tech talent.

Programming and Application Developers 

Many organizations need multiple technology professionals who know how to customize out-of-the-box software and applications.  Programming and Application Developers work on APIs and integrations in order to develop proprietary software. In addition, these professionals can upgrade existing software and improve older programs so that they adapt to today’s environment.

The incredibly high demand for workers in this field often means that companies have to offer significant pay and benefits packages.  In fact, many people in the industry have reported that they need to offer a minimum of 15% over current salary in order to lure talent away from existing positions.  Fortunately, there are other options.  In some cases, it is possible to get the skills of a Programming and Application Developer on a part-time or per-project basis.  Companies that are flexible and willing to have their developers work from a remote location are able to attract great candidates without resorting to top-tier compensation packages.

Help Desk and Technical Support Personnel

This category can come as a surprise to some companies who are stuck in the mode of thinking that Help Desk and Technical Support are entry-level positions.  In many non-technical companies, these positions are absolutely essential to day-to-day operations, and candidates for these positions must be highly trained.   

Furthermore, many companies in need of employees to fill these positions are looking for candidates with training on very specific software. Because of the scarcity of personnel with this specific knowledge, many of these positions offer starting salaries of $90,000 or more for top talent.

Security, Compliance, and Governance

Cybersecurity has grown beyond financial companies and the government.  In fact, nearly every major corporation is in need of some type of security personnel.  Increasing white collar crime, hacking by foreign governments, and even corporate espionage are creating a huge demands for workers in this field.

Cloud and SaaS Specialists

This relatively new technology field is quickly growing as companies and individuals look for the best ways to utilize this technology.  Finding skilled candidates to fill positions related to the Cloud and SaaS can be challenge, however.  Because the field is so new, a lot of top talent does not have formal training. This forces employers to closely analyze the experience and background of applicants.

Business Intelligence  and Analytics Specialists

Gathering and analyzing the large amounts of data that companies now have access to is critical for making business decisions.  Workers who have experience in this field are in high demand by a variety of employers beyond the marketing companies they were once primarily employed by.  As more tools become available to improve the accuracy and collection of so-called “Big Data” demand for workers who can apply these results will continue to grow.

If you or your company is looking for candidates to fill positions in any of these areas, you should expect a lot of competition for the best talent.  Fortunately, ICS has years of experience in helping companies to find the right people to fill these types of technical positions. 

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