The Best Temporary Agencies Offer Unparalleled Benefits to Qualified Temporary Employees

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Nov 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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With Christmas quickly approaching, retail stores are stocking up on Santa hats, Menorahs, and temporary employees. Yes, all of these things are inherently intertwined October through December. But the hot demand for temp employees is hardly limited to holidays and the retail industry.

What Makes a Temp Agency “the Best” for Temporary Employees?

Temporary employees seek out the best temp agency for a myriad of reasons: they are starting a brand new career, they are just out of college, they dislike the stagnant life of a full-time job, or they need work badly.

No matter the situation, they need to find solace in a place without judgment. The best temp agencies are stocked with compassionate recruiters who do not see candidates as mere numbers or resumes.

They talk face-to-face (even that means talking over Skype) with temporary workers to cover critical factors when considering their next job, such as day-to-day motivation, long-term vision, and salary satisfaction. Meanwhile, an algorithm coldly parses the candidate data without considering the human factor.

Recruiters put the right people first. The best temp agencies add well-thought out and highly appealing lists of benefits and services. Only then can they place the best temporary talent to meet local business’s expectations in each candidate.


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The Best Staffing Companies Have Sharpened Their Skills in Attracting the Best Temporary Employees

Over the course of each week, more than three million temporary and contract employees work for some of America’s best staffing companies.

Since the Great Recession struck the US hard in the late 2000’s, the entire job market has been veiled in negativity and cynicism. Temporary agencies have been the silver lining. They act as a protective buffer for temporary workers, when they are seeking temporary placements or full-time positions.

With so much experience working with displaced high-quality job candidates, the best temporary staffing agencies have sharpened their listening skills to learn what it takes to attract the best talent.

What Benefits Do the Best Temp Agencies Offer Temps to Sweeten the Association?

ERE Media reported, as of January 2015, demand for temporary workers reached 10.5%. And in 2016, demand hit a historical high point, despite the economic downturn.

This year, temporary or contract workers comprised 2% of the entire non-farm workforce. That sounds small. But, to put this number into perspective, the entire Information industry also only made up 2%.

Why? Temporary staffing is vital to the survival of local businesses trying to match fluctuating needs. People need work, companies need people.

The best staffing agencies keep temporary employees on the call sheet with three key features, benefits, and services:

  • The Best Employment Agencies Provide Temps With Access to Enticing Benefits.

The greatest challenge for temporary workers, making them less likely to want to stay on the temporary track, is a lack of benefits.

Some temporary employees may want dental or insurance, which they may buy after one year with staffing agencies. Others hope for a work-life balance: they want personal time and sick leave.

Other temporary workers hope for greater efficiency: they need online time recording for easier submission and quicker pay. Then there are those temporary employees who would like a sampling of everything.

Some of the best employment agencies do their best to provide the highest quality benefits available in one or more categories, according to their resources.

  • High-Quality Hiring Agencies Work Exclusively With Top Employers.

The best hiring agencies manage a balancing act between top local employers and top local candidates. Having spent years cultivating strong relationships with both sides, staffing agencies can deliver the best candidates faster than employers themselves can arrange interviews.

Exceptional temporary employees are picky about where they interview; they will certainly look for temp agencies featuring a roster with reputable companies. At that point, recruiters find out their needs. Only then do they match the right person to the right position within the right company, which always pays off for determined temporary job seekers.

CareerBuilder reports that 62% of companies hire temp workers with the intention to eventually bring them onto the full-time staff. But the right match is a necessary prerequisite. Staffing professionals bring in job candidates as temporary team members who are more likely to turn into permanent staff members.

  • The Top-Tier Temp Agencies Penetrate the Hidden Job Market.

Some jobs are never announced to the outside public. Perhaps someone has not yet left the position; or, the job description has not been finalized; or, the official hiring date has not been set.

For some reason, the employer need to keep the position under wraps. How is anyone outside the company supposed to know about an opportunity?

Employers work with trusted temp agencies, however, to commence their search for top-secret and intriguing employment positions.

Serious Temporary Employees Work with the Best Staffing Companies

Employees wanting a temporary or temporary-to-permanent position will find an agency that serves their needs, depending on their desired industry and profession. It is important to create a list of features, services and benefits that the temporary job candidate feels will help them find the best temp staffing agency to fulfill their needs and help them find the right temporary position.