Texas Can Give You the American Dream

Posted by Gary Pfennig on Aug 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Are you struggling to get by in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, or New York? You're not alone. Residents of these cities are finding the housing market and cost of living sky-high. Even with a lucrative salary of $100,000 or more, employees residing in such cities are finding it more challenging to live the American Dream. High rents and mortgages, costly groceries, long commutes, and other factors are pushing candidates to explore other cities where they can stretch their dollars and live the life they've always wanted.
According to a recent GOBankingRates' analysis, one of the places to be is in Texas. 

GoBankingRates compared 50 major cities across the United States. It calculated income after taxes and determined what was left over after having to pay for living expenses such as rent, healthcare, food, and utilities. The cost of living plays a major role in a candidate's decision to take or turn down a job offer. States that don't tax income are considered some of the best places to live. These include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Why Texas?

According to, places like Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth are smart spots where you can maximize your income. The ranking was produced by examining the average salary of over 100 high-paying jobs, such as IT managers and HR directors, and then subtracting the living expenses for a two-bedroom apartment. In the ranking, Houston scored spot number 7, while Dallas landed at number 4 and Fort Worth at number 9.
Today, many candidates are willing to move for the right job. But the deciding factors include more than just your salary and benefits. You should also consider the cost of living if you decide to take a position. If you have to pay sky-high rent, you'll find yourself stuck in a financial situation you didn't expect and may end up considering to relocate.

How Much To Live?

When it comes to Houston, the average yearly salary is $79,579. While you can probably make more in cities like Boston or San Francisco, these places don't have the same attractiveness when it comes to the cost of living. For example, a two-bedroom apartment in Houston is $1,401 monthly. In Dallas, the average yearly salary is $82,609, while rent for a two-bedroom apartment averages $1,422. On the other hand, the average salary in Fort Worth is $75,797, and the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,108. If you were to live in Boston, you'd need to make $143,800 a year to afford a two-bedroom apartment. That's almost double of what you'd need in many cities throughout Texas. also researched other cities, including Irving and Plano. The average yearly salary in Irving is $77,527, while rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,327 monthly on the average. In Plano, the average yearly salary is $75,988, with a two-bedroom apartment rent costs at $1,350. 
Fort Bend is another city where you can stretch your income in Texas. According to a study by SmartAsset, a financial website that examines economic conditions, Fort Bend is one of those counties in the US with a high salary yet low cost of living.
Besides affordable housing, Texans also benefit from no taxes at the state level. Federal income tax is still paid, but the absence of income tax can help you save a good amount, too. 

What Can Texas Offer?

To get a better idea of the salary you can get in Texas, check out this list:
  • Operations Manager: $65,177
  • Software Engineer: $79,498
  • Project Manager: $75.105
  • Human Resource Manager: $66,409
  • Office Manager: $45,141
  • Administrative Assistant: $36,877
  • Mechanical Engineer: $71,628
No matter what profession you're in or where you're at in your career, or even if you want to change career paths, Texas is the place to do it. Not only are there plenty of jobs, but the economy is also good as the cost of living is relatively low.

Candidates actively looking for a job should take a closer look at the different cities in Texas and determine which ones fit their lifestyle best. Next, check out the housing market, the general cost of living, and the job market. If you've never been to Texas, take a trip to see it in person. Feel the excitement of applying for jobs in one or more cities where your salary will go far. With this, you'll have extra money for things like traveling or any other passion you want to pursue. 

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