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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Technology has changed the way organizations operate. It has an impact on who does the work, the methods that are used for work, and how fast the work progresses. It also provides critical tools to assist in getting the work done.

It is not necessary for organizations to embrace every technology trend, but organizations do need to be knowledgeable of emerging trends and determine how each development may be utilized to encourage better employee engagement.

Technology is essential for businesses that want to remain competitive. In order for transformation to occur, organizations must configure work with technology in mind.

Four Digital Trends that Can Affect Your Organization

These four digital trends will help you use AI, innovation, remote workers and user experiences to stay on top of your competitors.

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is changing the overall design of work. Artificial Intelligence can eliminate many tedious tasks for employees, and this makes their jobs more meaningful. Good job configuration allows companies to attract and keep the best talent. AI is on the cusp of transforming the office environment and reinventing the way recruiters search for job candidates. With AI, workers realize their potential, and this helps to keep the best workers on the job.

Regardless of how artificial intelligence develops in the years ahead, all experts concede that the world will change drastically as a result of advances in AI.

2) User Experience (UX)

UX is how an individual worker relates to a system. UX designers analyze how users feel about a system. They examine such factors as ease of use, the perception of the system’s value, and its efficiency in performing tasks. Organizations need to make investments in the employee experience beyond a competitive compensation and a benefits package.

3) Paving the Way for Agility and Innovation

A great example of how technology is ushering in change and innovation is a computing concept where everyday objects are connected to the internet and can identify themselves to other devices.

The IT industry is expected to grow to over 50 billion connected pieces of technology by the year 2020. This means organizations have to begin to think “outside the box” beyond their internal sources for intelligence and knowledge management.

4) Telework & Contingent Work

Digital capabilities are creating greater opportunities for telework and contingent work. It only makes sense for businesses to move forward in spheres where existing employees can be engaged and kept within the organization. Freelancing and telework are two areas that can bring amazons innovation. Granted these might not be for everyone, but the benefits could outweigh any perceived costs.

Using a contingent workforce can eliminate much stress when the office gets busy and chaotic. When it comes to telework, many employees will opt for a lower paying job if they could work from home. For this transformation to occur, organizations must configure work within the framework of technology and be ready to implement these trends in order to change the workplace.

Digital Transformation and Cultural Adjustment

Organizations should see digital transformation as an opportunity. Easing the transition takes working with an organization's culture. Although optimizing operations for continuity brings many benefits, digital transformation requires experimentation and investing in innovation and change. Organizations may struggle with innovations that disrupt existing ways of doing business.

All of these digital trends point to more than just adding a couple of employee programs. They involve redesigning work and the workplace. Technology is an essential element for any organization that wants to remain competitive. However, technology is continually evolving, so it is crucial to stay abreast of these advances.

Organizations Cannot Afford to Drop the Ball

These four digital trends are something every business should be aware of and ready to implement. It is predicted that technology will continue to move rapidly. Business leaders and Human Resource professionals must keep up with digital trends in order to recruit, connect and keep the best talent.

Remember, tech has changed the configuration of business. It has an impact on who does the work, the methods that are used for work and how fast the work progresses. It also provides critical tools to assist in getting the work done.

With a digital transformation, the need for talent grows because companies need those employees to program, operate, and optimize this tech. If you're looking for a team to move your workplace forward, contact ICS for your staffing needs. We have the professionals you need to move beyond today and start tomorrow. 

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