Tech Skills That Lead to a Blockchain Developer Career

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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If you're looking for a career upgrade or new challenge, study how blockchain will impact your industry. To get you started, we've put together details of tech skills that blockchain developers need.

Choosing your Blockchain Engineering Career Path

Blockchain is changing how we work and even impacts how startups receive funding. Of course, it brings a unique set of challenges for software developers. For those seeking entry-level development jobs or who wish to transfer from a technical job to blockchain engineering, there are choices that can help you plot out a career path.

Cryptocurrency, distributed systems and apps, and distributed ledgers present a subsection of technical challenges you will explore as a blockchain developer. The tech is still materializing, so it's a great time to move in on the ground floor. The primary question to ask yourself is what kind of tech interests you enough to work on every day?

Do you see yourself in a corporation with enterprise technology and big budgets? Maybe you would rather use open source methods to produce cutting-edge technology? If you already develop using deep development languages, you may want to tackle transactional systems that will change world economics. Fintech businesses provide narrow problems that can challenge your passion and creativity, for example:

Honing Skills to become a Blockchain Developer

The blockchain community consists of clusters of tech workers from around the world. There are meetups that have been held since 2015 to explore the future impact that blockchain could have on different industries. This community has been described as welcoming and supportive and is a good place to go for advice and help.

One of the best ways to understand how cryptography affects structured data is reading books on the subject from knowledgeable experts in the field. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain was written by a pioneer of the bitcoin movement, Andreas M. Antonopoulos. His book includes code examples in C++ and Python.

Explore training courses from a variety of sources, including online MOOCs or university courses for recommendations by another blockchain developer. One of the better ones is B9lab, a company with a great reputation and some longevity.

Relevant Languages to Learn

Bitcoin. Written in C++, this is still the largest cryptocurrency available. DLT technology facilitates the cryptocurrency process, but it's important to note that there are other possible uses of blockchain tech.  As a bitcoin developer, you'll have many opportunities. In fact, businesses that hire you will be small to midsize enterprises focused on growth and using bleeding edge tech modules.

Ethereum. This is a fascinating environment that has its own cryptocurrency. It allows users to create smart contracts and develop distributed apps via Ether, which lets you build an original class of applications. Ethereum is very exciting for newcomers looking to use Solidity (like JavaScript) as a code compiler for your Ethereum Virtual Machine.

R3. Corda has developed in R3 DLT. It used to blockchain business but now treats Ledger tech distribution differently. You can find a developer job in R3 if you have a strong grasp of financial markets. Otherwise, it's a steep learning curve for those with little or no business experience.

Hyper Ledger. The Linux foundation created this language for a specific group of members developing platforms such as Fabric (IBM), Burrow, Iroha, and Sawtooth (Intel).  Hyper ledger is expected to emerge as an enterprise tool for businesses who want to take advantage of the blockchain revolution.  It's a great space for a new blockchain developer to come into the game since the possibilities are expanding every day and it's an exciting new niche.

Do You Have the Skills?

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