Tales From the Five Top People in Tech

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 2, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Gartner predicts that companies will spend about $3.5 billion on tech in 2017. They expect an overall spending increase with a focus on more spending on the cloud, the IoT, and AI. Gartner says these numbers are important because they help businesses leaders adjust their own spending to conform with trends.

While it's informative to talk about new tech, it's often also revealing to consider some stories about people behind emerging trends. After all, technology doesn't meet goals or finish projects without people to direct it. Most of all, technology doesn't invent itself.

Stories About Five Top People in Tech

Learn more about some of the most influential people who have shaped the direction of recent tech and will probably continue to do so in coming years:

1. Andrew Jassy

It might surprise some people to learn that Amazon doesn't earn the most profit from its retail site. Amazon Web Services has grown into Amazon's biggest money maker. AWS offers storage and processing power to both large and small companies. The CEO, Andrew Jassy, has overseen yearly growth of over 40 percent since his promotion to the top leadership position.

Under his aggressive and dynamic leadership, AWS has also changed the way that many businesses handle their tech, and it has allowed smaller companies to access the same platforms as large enterprises. At the same time, AWS has also forced other tech companies to change the way they offer their products and services.

2. Satya Nadella

Microsoft has dominated technology for decades. Most people probably associate Microsoft with operating systems for personal computers and some mobile devices. For a time, it seemed as if the company had slowed its pace when it came to emerging tech.

Satya Nadella has used his authority as CEO to trim Microsoft back to its fighting weight. Instead of accepting its role as an out-of-shape uncle in the industry, this elder statesmen of the tech boom has risen to challenge both AWS in cloud computing and Salesforce in CRM for market shares.

3. Marc Benioff

As the CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff has not just changed cloud computing and CRM; he is also literally in the process of changing the landscape of San Francisco. The new Salesforce Tower will open in 2018 as the tallest and priciest building in the city.

Salesforce gained recognition as the cloud-based leader in the CRM market. Companies use it to enhance the productivity of their sales and marketing teams by gathering leads, tracking customers, and helping to keep work organized. In partnership with IBM's Watson, Salesforce allows customers to enjoy the benefits of AI. Benioff also uses AI to help run Salesforce, a trend he believes other companies will follow in time.

4. Dianne Greene

Dianne Greene first made a name for herself as one of the founders of VMWare. Today, she leads Google Cloud and says that she's ready to challenge Amazon. In fact, she hopes to exceed AWS earnings within five years.

The people who work with her say that she's got the company lined up to do just that. Google already has deals with such major enterprises as Snap, Disney, and eBay. At the same time, Google Cloud mirrors AWS in that they can provide service levels that are also appropriate for smaller and growing companies.

5. Bill Gates

Satya Nadella steers Microsoft today; however, the famous founder of Microsoft still functions in an advisory role for the company. As the wealthiest person in the world, Gates certainly could have chosen to rest on his laurels and enjoy a luxurious retirement.

Instead, he has chosen to use his active mind and some of his fortune to keep moving tech forward to help solve problems. These days, he is most notable for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This organization funds technology, science, and educational projects that focus on relieving issues of poverty and disease around the world.

Where Are the Next Tech Leaders?

This short list only scraped the surface of the hundreds of visionaries who are changing businesses and lives through technology. These men and women are busy inventing the next emerging technology or revolutionizing the way that mature technology can be used. Some of these top technology experts are still working their way up in their large companies; others are working quietly on the next idea that will grow into a large enterprise, challenge established businesses, and probably generate lots of competition.

Most business leaders know that they have to compete to find good talent; however, finding tech talent who also possesses leadership qualities can be like striking gold. At ICS, we pride ourselves on knowing the right people to fill all sorts of technology positions. Even more, we know leaders who can step into companies and change the way they operate in order to turn good ideas into real solutions. Learn more about the advantages of working with us to recruit your next leaders.

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