Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 31, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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WARNING: There has been a report of a recent outbreak of zombies trolling the job boards and clogging up the inboxes of hiring managers across the country.

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ICS has isolated the catalyst for the most current zombification. It’s the simplification of the application process. It appears that it’s turned viable candidates into mindless walkers.


Highly qualified talent in organizations across the country are feeling under-valued, under-invested, and under-utilized. With resources at companies depleting at record paces, this highly skilled labor is opting to leave the safety of their group to find another with more plentiful resources. Once they get outside, they’re experiencing a whole new way to find and apply for job openings that is incredibly quick. In some cases, just 1-Click. Sure, this seems good at first, but be warned, THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF APPLICANT ZOMBIFICATION.
Applicant Zombification is defined as individuals performing simple tasks through involuntary muscle movements. Tasks include: walking, smelling brains, eating brains, and submitting generic applications.
Dead Yourself Justin.gif Dead Yourself Jennifer.gifWhile a cure hasn’t been identified, we do have some survival tips that can help keep you from getting infected.


You need to have a game plan before you apply. No one goes into a massive outbreak like this without a strategy. Start by researching where you want to go. Not every haven out there is going to be a fit for you. You could end up with a band of miscreants or worse. If you find a place you think is a good fit, go deeper into your research. Don’t just stop at the company, but go into the company you will keep. Are they living by their own mission statements? What are other people saying about them? Are all the signs pointing to a nightmare dressed like a daydream? Find out about the leadership. What interests them? Once you’ve collected all your intel, you can start planning your next steps.
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Take the first step outside and you’ll notice that the zombie outbreak is reaching pandemic levels. No matter where you are in the country or even the world, mindless applications are being submitted. You’re going to need to flag down the people you want to join and the only way to do that is to remain visible at all times. How do you do that? Create your signaling device aka resume and cover letter. Use your previous intel to inform them that you are what they’ve been looking for all along. At no point should they confuse you with a zombie. You’re going to have to put the effort into crafting a resume that speaks to their company’s mission, culture, and needs. Include keywords for the search engines to find you as well. They can see past those who send generic forms of communication, so make it tailored to them. Once your desired group has seen you’re human, you’re ahead of the zombies, but you still have to compete against the other uninfected. Heads may roll. 

Dead Yourself Fleischmann.gifTRAVEL IN A PACK: 

Don’t be afraid to utilize your connections. You may be in a situation where knowing someone else can save you from a swarm of zombified applicants. One person cannot survive out there on their own. Ask for advice, support, mentors, and opinions. Have a support system in place to look over your resume, cover letters, and other additional documents. What about referrals? Call up a contact and see who they know in the company you are applying to right now. You can even go to networking events and reach out on LinkedIn and other social platforms. You are not just an army of one. Rally your troops and go to battle. It’s your safest bet for not getting slaughtered out there. Once you have an invitation to come inside to the community/company, take it and don’t look back. Now comes the trenches of the apocalypse. 
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You’ll be competing for limited resources. Not everyone will be invited to join this new group. Only those who prove themselves worthy and of value can become a member. That’s why you need to roll up your sleeves and do your homework once you’ve secured an interview. Prepare for this like your life depends on it. Research everything you can about the company and your interviewers. This will help you form that human bond that only a human can make. Be ready for anything because, in an interview, everything is on the line. Some tactics include Googling common interview questions for your particular industry, researching if anyone has posted what their interview process is like, consider doing a mock interview with a member of your pack before the day of the interview. A zombie will do the minimum required, but a survivor methodically plans for staying alive. Now, your execution is all that stands between you and an invitation to a better community with more resources that will keep you alive. This is your time to shine, so use all of your training. There will be others vying for this spot, but you will prove to them that your skills and values align with the company’s brand better than anyone else’s. 
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This is something that the human race can come back from in the end. Automation doesn’t have to be the monster here, it’s how it’s used. ICS believes in collaboration, not automation and we know the struggle is real out there. There are plenty of ways to survive until the cure comes..and it will come. If you’d like to practice some of your new survival skills, apply to one of our jobs below. Prove you’re not a zombie and we’ll be happy to work with. you. We don’t bite.
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*Thanks to The Walking Dead app, Dead Yourself, we were able to produce some great pictures. No employees were harmed in the making of this blog.*