Silicon Alley Jobs

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Apr 10, 2013 8:15:00 AM

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With the information age and the boom of new technologies, a breeding ground for new age digital thinkers has evolved in New York City. Silicon Alley is the nickname given to the concentrated area in Manhattan where internet and digital media companies are rapidly growing. Cleverly named after Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area of California where creative thinkers converge, this East Coast version of digital entrepreneurship has a lot to offer to recent college graduates entering the workforce. 

Why Silicon Alley?
Statistically, Silicon Alley is on the rise in multiple sectors. According to the Center for an Urban Future, technology jobs have experienced a growth rate of 28.7% – a spike from 41,000 to over 52,000 – over the past five years. Not only are digital careers on the rise, but there is ample investment capital in Silicon Alley. Although the motherland in California remains in the lead, NYC Silicon Alley is experiencing promising growth figures from investors in terms of both dollars and deals. From 2010 to 2011, [64.3 percent in terms of dollars and 10.2 percent in terms of deals, while investment in California is only rising 24.4 percent in terms of dollars and 5.0 percent in terms of deals]
As Silicon Alley continues to grow and attract investors and workers alike, it is obvious that New York City is the perfect location for the nation’s new technological capital. The city itself is more reputable across the globe than San Francisco, and the surrounding landscape of profitable networks and industries is ideal for the thousands of digital start-up companies that are sprouting in the area. Not to mention, NYC has been the nation’s financial capital for past two centuries.

Finding Silicon Alley Jobs
According to, the average annual salary of a Silicon Alley employee is $78,000. This figure is 17% higher than the average salary for all other job postings across the nation.
Not only are Silicon Alley jobs profitable, but there are plenty of job opportunities in the area, especially for forward-thinkers and digital literate workers. The technological business is an ideal place for college graduates to search for a job, because the millennial generation has been indulged in the digital world since early childhood.
You do not have to be an entrepreneur with an amazing new digital application idea to find Silicon Alley Jobs. In fact, there are ample job opportunities in Silicon Alley for a wide range of workers. These include information technology jobs, start-up company jobs, internet jobs, computer jobs, and mobile advertising jobs. Programmers, designers, and marketers are only some of the many professions that Silicon Alley has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Join the technological revolution in the tech capital of the East Coast, and take your ideas and talents to Silicon Alley. Visit Infinity Consulting Solutions to start your search today.