Plan a Halloween Celebration for Your Department

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Another Halloween is creeping up on your department, and you don't want to miss the chance to plan something spooky and fun for your team. This October's-end holiday has taken on a life—or afterlife—of its own the past decade or so everywhere. Yes, definitely even in the workplace.  

In 2015, more than 157 million Americans celebrated Halloween, and that figure shows no sign of slowing down. Oh yes, you might just bet that at least a few of your devoted employees were among those donning costumes, doing the Monster Mash, handing out treats, or all of the above and more during Halloweens past.  

So it only makes sense to plan a party full of dressing up, practical jokes, tasty treats and all-around laughs and good times. You can't miss out on a golden opportunity like that! 

Halloween offers you a natural opportunity to foster teambuilding and encourage offbeat office antics that lets your staff step away from their computer screens and desks to see who's hiding as ghosts under bed sheets or who has turned into apocalyptic zombie waiters. It really is a great way to get an inside glimpse into everyone's respective and collective personalities and simply enjoy some laughs together.

Whether you want to go all out to celebrate Halloween—with costumes, decorations, games and professional-grade trick-or-treating—or you want something a little more subdued, you can find the right balance for your department.  

Try Adding a Few of the Following Halloween Ideas Into the Mix This Year!  

If you've never planned a Halloween party for your department before, or if you are simply searching for some new ideas to liven things up, our own staffing solutions team has come up with some ideas we'd like to share.  

See what your team thinks about the following ideas:  

Recommend That Everyone Decorates Their Offices, Cubicles and Dungeons

Everything from life-sized ledgers to classic cobwebs can add an eerie element to each accounting staffer's space. If your company has a stash of basic Halloween decorations—paper skeletons, plastic pumpkins, giant rubber spiders and massive stretching cobwebs—you can offer up these gems to get everyone started. Halloween aficionados may have their own decoration collection at home. Let them know they are welcome to go wild. 

Encourage Your Team to Get Creative and Dress Up to Keep the Scary Spirits at Bay 

Do you remember Jim Halpert's 3-hole punch "costume" from The Office? Ideally, your team may put a little more effort into their own costumes, but you also don't want to make dressing up in costume mandatory or pressurized. The point of your costume party is to keep things at low-pressure and high-fun levels to keep everything inclusive, regardless of the varied personalities involved. You might ask your professionals if they would like to choose and stay on a theme so you end up with something like an army of zombie auditors or a mob of marauding bandits. Again, it's all about keeping things relaxed and fun. 

Keep Everyone Guessing the Number of Jellybeans or M&Ms in the Jar

Is there a more fitting game for your team? Watch everyone's eyes light up as all the analytical minds ignite to come up with their own methodology to calculate the correct number of tiny treats ahead of their colleagues. Remember to put a time limit—say, by the end of the work day—and offer a prize to raise the stakes.  

Plan a Halloween Feast Fit for Everyone to Sink Their Fangs Into 

Whether you hire a caterer, order from a local deli, or you decide to organize a potluck, food is essential to Halloween festivities. No matter which of those options you choose, make sure to set it up as a boo-ffet. Basically, you want to make sure everyone can fill their plate then set off for mingling around the room.  

Bring in the Gourds to Let Your Team Roll up Their Sleeves and Carve Their Own Masterpieces

A pumpkin carving contest is a great way to let your team share their creative side, get messy and have some laughs. You may check into buying aprons and other treats that feature Halloween designs to protect your professionals' clothes. 

Raise Money for Charity or Go Off-Site to Volunteer 

Another perfect Halloween activity for your generous team may be either raising money for a favorite charity or heading out to a local soup kitchen or animal shelter to share their time and compassion. You might even consider attaching your charity drive to another activity, such as your costume, cube decorating or pumpkin carving activity.  

Are You Ready to Start Planning This Year's Halloween Festivities for Your Team?  

No matter what you all choose to do together for Halloween this year, it will help you all grow together as a team as long as you all go into it with the right spirit.  

Remember that you need to get in on the act and have fun too, as well as making sure everyone from your most recent hire to everyone on the executive team has a chance to join in and have fun.