Plan a Fun and Lively Holiday Party for Your Valued Staff This Year

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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The holidays are the perfect time to give everyone a chance to relax, get to know each other a little better and celebrate the spirit of the season.

Plan a Fun and All-Encompassing Holiday Party

Our in-house group of holiday elves thought they might offer some tips, tricks, and tasks to help you navigate the upcoming holiday party season. It is important to recognize and respect differing religious and cultural views to ensure a positive season for everyone. Considering the fact that you do tend to this important facet of the modern workplace on a daily basis, you should have no problem here.  

Eating and Festivity Needs to Be Included

Food and fun activities are really what is most important when planning your office holiday party. When you get down to the heart of it all, people mostly just want to take a breather from their hectic schedule and catch up with coworkers in a laid-back setting.  


Plan a holiday feast your team will never forget when you cast off all the traditional fare. Just about everyone will have mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry dressing and some classic entree with their family. They're likely to have similar dishes at several different locations as they make the holiday round of visits to loved ones so you can spice things up with a few off-the-wall ideas. 

  1. Reel in the 90s! That's right, you and your team can eat like the great unknown of the 2K is on the horizon. Roaming Hunger recommends asking your staff to bring in their favorite food, which can vary quite a bit from a baby boomer or generation X staffer to a millennial, so it will be fun to see what happens on that front. Fire up the microwave in anticipation of mini-pizzas, jalapeno poppers, and Toaster Strudel. You might also see bags of Doritos and boxes of Pop Tarts. Everyone should just prepare for a massive sugar rush. You might add some oversized Ring Pops to the mix as an adornment before it becomes a snack. 

  2. Casino Night, Anyone? Set the theme for your holiday party as "Casino Night." Either hire a creative caterer or encourage your staff to come up with their own favorite casino-inspired dishes, such as Texas Hold 'Em Hamburger Bites and Poker Chips and Dip. Both dishes are easy to nibble on while your team plays card or rolls the dice. Hire a soda jerk to come in and serve fun sodas, malts and more. 

  3. A Christmas Story Comes to Call. Throw a holiday feast inspired by the 1983 classic movie, A Christmas Story. Serve duck or turkey as the entree, mashed potatoes and gravy on the side, and go crazy with desserts that might include candy like black licorice, Bit-o-Honey, Dots, and Turkish Taffy. 


Your options for holiday activities abound. Following are just a few fun holiday options you might consider:  

  • Set Up a Holiday Photo Booth. Let everyone get their zany side out of their system by setting up a fun photo booth, stocked with Santa hats, wigs, antlers, and other props.  

  • Rent a Karaoke Machine. Nothing says "letting your hair down for the holidays" like stepping up to the microphone and trying to belt out a top holiday hit among friendly coworkers who plan to do the same. 

  • Play Games. Work with your committee to choose a few games your staff might enjoy, such as holiday-themed trivia that features different questions and answers from all the different celebrations throughout the season. Other games you might consider include guessing the Christmas movie, holiday charades, holiday Mad Libs and a Christmas scavenger hunt. Any game can become a holiday game with the right props and a little imagination.  

  • The Gift Exchange. Not everyone's business engages in a gift exchange, so work with your committee to determine your employees' interest. Sometimes it relieves the pressure to eliminate this portion of the holiday. However, if you do proceed with a gift exchange, the traditional Secret Santa approach tends to work best.  

  • To Market, to Market. Schedule an out-of-office shopping excursion to let your staff fit in some last-minute shopping or getting a second opinion for gifts for family members. Inc. refers to it as a "mandatory day of fun" where you can wander from one store or kiosk to the next, sampling tasty holiday treats and just relaxing together. It can take the stress off of your hardworking accounting and finance, IT and legal teams. 

  • Go Where the Real Gaming Action Is: The Arcade. Here's one that your IT team, in particular, might just love. Let everyone relieve some stress by handing out a fistful of tokens and letting them have at it. Set a time to meet at the concession area for nachos and sodas.

Are You Ready for the Big Holiday Celebration?  

Hopefully, these tips have given you a good starting point for this year's holiday party planning and preparation. Our ICS team sends you warmest wishes during the holiday season. 

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