Philly Ranks as a Top Tech City

Posted by Hannah Day on Aug 28, 2019 10:20:11 AM

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Are you hunting for a new technology job? If so, you may want to start in Philadelphia, or the city better known as Philly. Recent reports show that technological movements in Philly are at its prime, resulting in its growing tech career opportunities.

In recent years, Philly is among the top U.S. cities projected to increase technology-related job hiring. These past years, too, Philly's labor market has opened doors for more opportunities to technology workforce, such as software developers and computer software support. Philly also increased it's ranking in the top 50 U.S. and Canadian workforces with the highest rates of attracting growing talent.

Philly-based technology leaders plan on further team expansions. They'll be creating new positions dedicated to developing custom technology solutions for clients. These job projections will make more room for the latest technology degree holders to join the workforce, especially now that Philly's graduates have increased in the last five years.

Philadelphia technology organizations are also focusing on gender diversity, which includes initiatives to lessen the pay gap between women and men working in tech jobs there. In its March 2019 report, SmartAsset stated that women professionals working in Philly earn 97% of what their male counterparts earn, a rate that's 13% more than the national average of 84%. The report also ranks Philly as the third most gender diverse U.S. City, with women filling 30.1% of technology jobs. Although 30.1% isn't that high, this percentage is essential than the majority of U.S. cities; it also translates to women having a higher chance of landing a tech job in Philly.

If being committed to one company leaves you feeling uneasy, you may also want to check out quick gigs in Philly. Tech leaders will use project-based I.T. professionals for shorter-term needs during busier times, sudden vacancies, and urgent projects. So, if freelancing is more your speed, there will be plenty of opportunities for engagement with multiple organizations.

The increase in tech skill sets needed in the last few years has left a gap in Philly's top tech talent pool. As a potential candidate, you may also want to capitalize on any of these top skills in demand:

  • Cloud security/cybersecurity
  • Cloud architecture
  • Windows administration/mobile development
  • Cloud computing
  • Wireless network development/DevOps

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