Ready, Set... Keep Waiting to Hire H-1B Workers

With the continued suspension of Premium Processing of H-1B visas, employers have to postpone starting dates for these workers far ahead of October 1st, the usual start date for these positions. Anyone who missed the September 11, 2018 deadline to file under the Premium Processing rules now has to wait for the "normal" waiting period of four to six months. This may have a dramatic impact on companies that rely on H-1B workers for a significant percentage of their workforce.

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The Job Market Has A New Boss

In the midst of the Great Recession a decade ago, finding a job proved more than just a little difficult. Jobs, even basic, entry-level jobs, become difficult. Experienced professionals who lost their own lines of employment were forced to swoop in and take these entry positions, which left recent graduates unemployed. They simply couldn't compete with someone who had worked in the career path for years (if not decades).

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No Raise? No Problem

Asking for a raise is never easy, but the old saying really applies here. If you aren't willing to ask for something, there's a 100 percent chance that you won't get it.      

Still, sometimes your brave request is still meant with a no, and then the situation gets harder and a bit awkward if handled inappropriately. In this case, what should your next move be?

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights in The Boardroom

The United States is experiencing never-seen-before pressure to place women in high positions, and that includes entrance to the boardroom. While advocates for women's rights and diversity in the workplace have been advocating for years, the United States is falling behind most western countries when it comes to the number of women in boardroom positions. 

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If Your Boss Doesn’t Give You A Raise, Someone Else Will

The workforce is ready and waiting for you. In fact, right now is an excellent time to enter the workforce and expect a higher salary.

Why? Because of supply and demand. There is actually a shortage in the labor market right now that has employers competing for hiring and keeping qualified workers.

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The Revenue Recognition Deadline is Closer Than It Appears

Accountants and investors are likely to each have their own idea of what revenue recognition should look like to them. Conversations surrounding this critical topic are often full of confusion. In the digital age, accountants face enormous challenges to finding good information about expected regulatory changes, and few people can predict what to expect regarding revenue recognition requirements for the coming year.

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