If You're in Tech, You Need to Consider These Positions in Columbus

The Midwest was once a place where businesses flourished and where workers wanted to live. Unfortunately, in the '80s, many of the industries that created so much prosperity lost their way and left behind workers and empty factories.

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Tips on Hiring for an Inclusive Workplace

You need much more than a diversity statement on your website or job posts if you hope to create an inclusive workplace. Hiring for inclusivity requires you as an employer to engage with candidates who can offer the right balance of skills, attitude, and potential for growth, regardless of where they come from. Hence, your recruitment should include crafting a hiring process that attracts and welcomes a diverse range of candidates from different communities. Here are several tips you can follow to ensure that you are hiring for an inclusive workplace:

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Why More Companies Are Adopting Automation

To remain competitive in today's corporate world, which is best known for its fast-pace, constant changes, businesses must keep up with the continuous advancements, especially in the technological front. Many business leaders, however, may find it frightening to adopt emerging technologies out of fear of the unknown. They may not fully understand the value of newer technology, or they may even believe it's too complex for them to ever understand. As a result, many companies unknowingly shy away from technological innovation—something that can help set their business apart from the rest.

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