The Secret to Attracting Top Talent

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The modern-day job seeker is in search of more than just a paycheck. When hunting for a job, today's candidates prioritize the company's culture, often looking for a place of employment that shares their values and ethics in their overall mission. They're looking to work somewhere they enjoy coming to every day and a place where they feel fit in.

Although many job seekers view a company's culture as a deal-breaker when deciding whether or not to accept an offer, only 31% of HR leaders say their company is as organized as it should be when it comes to company culture, according to a study conducted by research and advisory company Gartner.

Company culture takes an even greater importance in today's job landscape where candidates are in constant search of a job and where employers search for a candidate who's a cultural fit. To attract top talent, you must thoroughly examine the current state of your company's purpose, values, and wider culture. Consider the following questions as you reflect on different ways to appeal to today's candidates:

  • Looking beyond financial reasons, why are you in the business?
  • What makes your company stand out to candidates?
  • Overall, what does your company stand for?

Taking the time to examine your company's reputation thoroughly is essential to improvements and turnovers within your organization. Continue reading for more ways to instill corporate culture into the hiring process and use it to your advantage.

Closely examine your company culture.

To improve your company culture, first examine what's working and what's not. Begin by taking a close look at your organization and evaluating whether or not your employees are aware of your company culture. Would they be able to explain the company culture to a candidate?

Making sure your current employees have a deep understanding of the company values and overall culture is essential. If they know what your company values are, they will be better able to articulate them to potential candidates. Employees often serve as your company's number one ambassadors, communicating to the outside world why they love (or don't love) working at your organization. Your employees play as important a role as your PR team and even your company's careers site.

You must also show how your culture comes to life in the workplace. If you succeed in doing so, there's a chance your new and existing employees will feel they can better relate to the organization and its overall mission, and this plays a major role in retaining talent.

Find ways to incorporate culture into the hiring experience.

When you enter a new place, you typically get a gut feeling that tells you if this place is fun and welcoming or if something about it is off. Often, people listen to this inner feeling because it tells them whether or not they'll be comfortable in this new environment. For this reason, it's important that your workplace communicates an upbeat and optimistic environment. This will reflect your corporate culture to the candidate and let them determine if your company is something they'd like to be a part of.

Today's candidates want to feel connected to a company before they even walk in the door. While this is an important step in attracting talent, incorporating a positive company culture throughout the hiring process can seem easier said than done, but here are some simple ways you can start:

  • Post the company values and mission in your office's entryway. This will allow candidates to immediately see if their values align with yours and if this environment is one they'll feel comfortable working in.
  • Give candidates an inside look at your office beforehand. Create engaging content for them to interact with even before they come into the office for an interview. An excellent example of interactive content includes videos that give a tour of the workplace or highlight key employees, for example.

It's not enough to say that you have an excellent company culture.

Actions speak louder than words, so it's critical that you backup your corporate culture with powerful actions. It's not enough to tell candidates that your company culture is unparalleled, but you must also show them why this is true.

A common challenge employers face is actually carrying out their vision of a positive company culture. This step, however, cannot be overlooked as it can often make or break an organization in the mind of a candidate. As an employer, you must send a consistent message all around. It's never a good sign when candidates see a disconnect between the company's corporate culture portrayed online versus the actual culture in the office.

Get feedback on your corporate culture.

One of the best ways to gather feedback on your company is by surveying new hires and asking what attracted them to your organization in the first place. This will give you critical insights into whether candidates choose you for your culture, brand, or other relevant factors. If new hires express that your company's values and mission persuaded them to accept the job offer, it's a sign that your corporate culture is effective in attracting top talent.

You may also survey candidates who did not accept the job offer and ask them why. This will help you figure out what you need to improve on not only to attract top talent but also retain them.

Work on branding your company and its culture.

In modern-day corporate America, your brand is everything. Along with corporate culture, the brand you build for your company plays a major role in whether candidates are attracted to your workplace. If you truly want to attract the best talent in the industry, work on reshaping or building up a brand that paints an authentic and consistent story about your organization's values, culture, and overall purpose. This will help you attract the talent you're looking for.


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