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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Sexy new programming languages like Go and Apex are increasingly popular. Yet, it's still legacy languages that employers are looking for. Java is one of the most sought-after programming languages and is used by most Fortune 500 companies for back-end systems as well as desktop apps. Job-posting numbers from Indeed show that Java has the most open jobs.

Further, Java is the most requested skill in the country. This comes as no surprise to financial institutions, who are willing to change their business culture to attract experienced Java developers. The labor market is tighter than ever with fintech companies scooping up a big piece of the available tech labor talent. While employers panic over how to acquire enough talent, this is a great sign for your job search. 

Another Trend Impacting Java Jobs

Data scientists are more in demand than ever. Companies are seeking out data professionals due to the importance of privacy and security in the online arena. A BI analyst interprets data patterns to the business owners, but a data scientist is needed to gather, process and analyze the data.

Data scientists typically have to learn Java, which increases the demand for Java developers. There are many applications of the language and knowing even one helps you scoop up a job quickly.

Tech Job Growth in NYC

If you're interested in a technology career, there are a lot of jobs in New York. New York falls behind Texas and California as the third most common state for tech jobs. This means that New York is the biggest East Coast tech hub, which greatly increases your chances of winning the best tech jobs opportunities in NY.

LinkedIn reports that New York City has a large and growing skills gap in IT system management and infrastructure. Java jobs are alive and well, especially for Java Developers concentrating on server-side experience, as well as mobile/Android apps. If you are a tech worker willing to move to a major city, your employment opportunities in NYC are limitless.

Tech workers have more leverage than ever. In NYC, hiring rose 9.4% over the prior year in January 2018. Adjusting for seasonal variations, Java is the number one skill sought by current employers in NYC. This translates to negotiating power, unprecedented growth opportunity and the ability to land the job of your dreams.

Driven by this demand, New York has become a haven for young graduates or those looking to make a change. If you are a Java Developer, be generous in what you ask for upfront and don't shrink away from asking for more money and even a hiring bonus. Approach the salary and benefits discussion head on and ask for what's fair based on your research. Java Developers have the upper hand right now in NY, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to live and work in a vibrant area of the country?

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