Now is the Time to Hire Compliance-Related Roles

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Working in Human Resources or as management for a growing firm means that you always need to keep an eye on what job roles you will need to fill tomorrow. Plus, knowing who would make a good addition to your staff in terms of personality is imperative too. While there are many trends you’re probably following in staffing today, one that you should keep your eye on is the growing need to hire more staff members for compliance positions within all organizations. We have put together three of the most important reasons why now is the time to fill your compliance roles so that your firm is ready for what the future may bring.

The Demand is Growing

Professionals who have a background in risk and compliance are seeing steady gains in demand for their expertise. Finding a job may have been a challenge a few years ago, but now some of these candidates find themselves with many options to choose from are even being headhunted. This is especially the case in specialized industries like finance and healthcare where additional knowledge and training may be required. As demand grows, the supply of good workers will shrink. Hiring for these jobs may become even more important in the near future. Another related concern is that expected compensation for such positions may soar even higher than it is today, so if you are hiring for a contract position, locking in with a rate may be preferable.

The Regulatory Environment Is Becoming More Complex

Regulatory compliance jobs are some of the most demanding roles you can possibly fill. Regulations regarding business practices in all fields are always changing and in a field like healthcare, the number of changes each year can be overwhelming. Therefore, compliance experts must work hard to keep ahead of the curve. This is essential considering what you are trusting them to do in terms of protecting your company. Hiring for these positions today will allow you to get each staff member the training they need to face tomorrow's challenges.

Finding Compliance Experts With Additional Skill Sets Poses Additional Challenges

When you hire compliance staff for leadership roles particularly, you will want to find candidates who not only have the knowledge of compliance and regulation but who also have good business knowledge. Having the ability to work well with others and function throughout your organization is key too. While compliance is an important area of knowledge in its own right, these employees must be able to take this knowledge and utilize it in all areas of business within your firm. Those professionals who meet all of these needs are the most likely to be hired today by other firms who are focused on the future, making them harder to find tomorrow.

Whether you are looking for compliance partners to serve in management or to fill support roles, you can see that making those hires today would be preferable to waiting until the pool of candidates may be smaller in the future. If you are overwhelmed by doing what it takes to hire for these roles, working with a staffing firm such as ICS may be the right solution. We can help you find contract workers or permanent employees to fill compliance positions. Corporate support and compliance are two of the leading practice areas for which we work. Give us a call or contact us online today if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!

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