Most Popular Degrees to Land Your First IT Job in Denver

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 13, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Is Denver Becoming a New Hot Spot for IT Startups?

The Mile High City has received plenty of positive press over the past few years because of the influx of IT startups. “There is a lot more recognition for this community than I have seen in the last five years,” said Scott Chasin, co-founder and CEO of ProtectWise. Protectwise, a cybersecurity startup based in Denver, is one of the many startups that is disrupting and reshaping the tech industry. If you want to work in the IT field, Denver is an excellent tech city on the rise to start your search.

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What Are Some of the Denver IT Startups That Will Appeal to IT Job Seekers?

With tech startups taking risks well outside of Silicon Valley and Boston—a few of the major startup cities in the U.S.—an IT degree and background will be welcomed and rewarded in the Mile High City. In September 2015, The Denver Post noted Denver’s booming tech industry had some of the fastest-growing tech startups. But “startup” can mean a variety of different things.

Consider some of the following four different types of IT firms as you begin your search for your new IT job in Denver:

1.   Mid-to-Large Size Full-Service Tech Startups

  • These Denver tech startups offer a full menu of tech and communications services for clients in the Mile High City and beyond. They are no longer in the incubation phase; these startups have secured funding and hired anywhere between 200-500 professionals.
  • A sample of their data-driven communications services they provide includes: communications systems, master planning and physical assessment for new systems, procedure audits of existing communications systems, platform services, open source engines, retrofit and upgrade planning, sales support, and deployment options.

2.   Cozy Tech Startups on the Rise

  • Still new on the scene, these budding tech firms strive to spiral out to several fields and engage with professionals in all types of exciting industries. Newly established yet fiscally stable, these startups have a talented and motivated team of up to 50 employees. A larger staff fosters creative ideas that provide real success within Denver’s local economy. Many of these budding tech firms strive to spiral out to several fields, giving tech experts the opportunity to engage with professionals in all types of exciting industries.

3.   Freshly Hatched New Tech Firms

  • This type of startup technology firm in Denver, Colorado has a small staff of about 10 employees, all of whom passionately pursue idealistic goals. Through creating digital products and offering ideas in design, these startups can grow in exciting directions that ultimately benefit the success of local businesses.
  • Though they are still small in scale, firms in the incubation phase provide an enormous amount of ad hoc services that local businesses need: product strategy, platform architecture, mobile application design, user experience services, medical device development, interactive touchscreen kiosk technology, technical direction, embedded systems, and platform development.

4.   Small Tech Startups Specializing in Web Design and Software Solutions

  • Also maintaining a small staff of about 10 people, these innovative and highly energized teams specialize in software and mobile development, user experience analysis, consulting services, software training courses, cloud and mobile business intelligence, and product launches.

The list goes blissfully on for Mile High City job seekers. Whether you want to work in a technology sales environment or  want to design and create software and mobile applications, whether you want to be surrounded by a coding setting or communications atmosphere, the opportunities are all around Denver for enthusiastic technology candidates who commit to—and follow through on—a solid tech-specific job search strategy.

So, What Are the Best Degrees To Get You Through the Doors of the Hottest Denver IT Startups?

One key factor that you, as an IT job candidate, may want to focus on when exploring all the exciting Denver startups is how well your degree aligns with each available position.

Take a look at the three best tech degrees that will land you an interview at one of your dream startups in Denver:

1.   Electronics and Communications Engineering

  • Ideal for IT professionals who want to specifically work in product development and design, engineering programs help you build devices that people use each day.

2.   Computer Science and Engineering

  • Computer science and engineering focuses on physical computers. They work using mathematics and engineering principles to understand the layout and inner workings of our complicated machines. This degree tends to lead toward in-house IT jobs where you can help maintain computing systems.

3.   Computer Science

  • As a more generalized branch of computer education, computer science gives you both the education in the field while giving you the freedom to choose your specialty as the tech industry expands and transforms. There will always be new niches in this field, and this general knowledge will help you adapt to rapid change. So, depending on your ingenuity, determination and career opportunities, this degree can lead anywhere. 

Any job search, no matter how hot the market, takes time, patience, resourcefulness, and commitment. Denver is no different, but the prospering startup community holds much promise for a degree-holding IT candidate with the determination to work with the right startup.