Mission Impossible: Finding Great Java Developers

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Java is still one of the top choices when it comes to enterprise applications. However, the challenge is finding quality Java developers. While there are quite a few developers who have plenty of experience with this extremely popular coding language, Java developer is still one of the most challenging positions to successfully fill.

The Impact of Change

The existing career trajectories of some developers are now changing. Before, Java was the first effort developers made that was basically a “Hello” to the world. Today, it isn’t always the initial coding language that is learned – or even number two or three on their list. Even though Java is still extremely popular for enterprise applications – with such a massive library that serves as a cornerstone for apps in Android (specifically) the strength may be the reason that many developers aren’t using the coding language for their own personal projects.

There are quite a few talented developers who are active in one or several of the countless communities that are dedicated to all types of exploratory programming and that they may have a desire to work with another language in the future. In fact, languages such as C++ and Python are becoming more popular than Java and often appeal to technology professionals who are searching for a way to get a fresh start in their career programming.

Many people wonder if this means that Java is now considered the “professional” when it comes to business programming languages, while other ones, such as Python are considered the “millennial” of the group. Perhaps. As a result, businesses that are struggling when trying to hire a Java developer can actually benefit from working with candidate evaluations, as well as project hires with this objective top of mind.  It’s a good idea to determine what a developer may be searching for today. This will help a business take inventory of their current software programming direction to see if it works.

Finding Java Developers: What Should You Look for?

The high demand for programmers means that the top candidates are able to be selective when committing to a company, regardless of if it is for a project for a part- or full-time position. If projects don’t have interesting applications for the person’s skill set, then the developer that is needed may shy away.

While a project that is “by the numbers” may be able to catch the interest of a programmer, you don’t want to eliminate your ability to attract the top talent in the industry. If you are willing to grow a person’s professional responsibilities, you will be able to keep the top people happy in the position and ready to grow with the company.

The absolute best practices that you should use when hiring web developers apply in this situation. Be sure to continue offering interesting work, high compensation and benefits that aren’t offered elsewhere. This will help ensure candidates flock to the job opening.

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