Marketing and Social Media Jobs: Does Your Klout Matter?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 12, 2013 8:31:00 AM

In Job Search Tips

We all live in the Digital Age.  An age of omnipotent information.  An age of “likes,” “shares,” “favorites,” and “re-tweets.”Today, is uncommon to come across a person or business that does NOT have a presence on social media. Through the internet, WiFi, Smartphones, and social networks, the world has become incredibly connected.  Because of social media, we now influence each other like never before.

This new and growing form of digital communication has become so important that the standard of influence can now be measured using web-based analytical tools.  Klout, a start-up company based out of San Francisco, began in 2008 and since then has become a standard tool for measuring how strong a person or business influences others in the digital world.

Klout’s general mission is “to empower every person by unlocking their influence.”  To do this, the web developers have created algorithms to calculate and rank how influential an individual is on social media.  This algorithm combines a person’s influence through major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Once influence is measured, the individual is ranked on a score of 1 through 100.  The higher the Klout Score, the better.

So, just how important is your Klout Score when it comes to interviewing for that digital marketing or social media job you desire? Can a high Klout Score really help your career?

The answer is yes.  Klout Scores have become so prevalent in the marketing industry that it is not uncommon to be asked for your Klout Score on a job interview.  As the digital world continues to grow, a strong social media presence and a wide standard of influence is becoming more and more important – especially in the realm of marketing.  In this day and age, social media skills are essential to succeeding in your career.  Employers are looking for applicants with strong social skills not only in person, but on the internet as well.  In fact, some marketing companies will not accept job applicants with a Klout Score of below 50.

In the social media world, a high Klout Score is extremely beneficial to job applicants.  If you have a high Klout Score, it will definitely be to your advantage to mention it as an asset in an interview.  It would also be beneficial to include your high Klout Score on your resume.

If you do not have a high Klout Score yet, make it your goal to raise your score and become more influential on the web before you apply for a marketing job.  Become more active on Facebook and Twitter.  Follow and ‘like’ important accounts in the industry that you strive to work in.  Re-tweet and tweet at persons with similar interests.  Engage in digital interaction with close friends and acquaintances.  Don’t be afraid to let your individuality shine in the social media world.

In the long run, as long as the information you share with the digital world is effective, credible, and eloquent, having a high Klout Score and a strong internet personality will be nothing but beneficial in interviews and, ultimately, your marketing or communications career.