Low Unemployment is Creating Low Expectations for DFW Seasonal Hiring

Posted by Kat Oliver on Apr 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Unemployment rates are at an all-time low. This is good for the United States, but many organizations, not just retail companies, are finding it difficult to obtain extra staffing during the fourth quarter of the year. In fact, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, unemployment rates in Dallas are at 3.7 percent. This is the lowest unemployment rate in Dallas since 1969, and this number goes down when jobs are in even higher demand towards the end of the year. This includes the holiday and tax season when companies need more accountants and customer service representatives to carry the load. The unemployment rate at this time in Dallas can expect to fall to about 2 percent or lower.

The Struggle Is Real

Take into consideration that in September 2017, employers put out more than 1,000 online listings looking just for accountants in Dallas, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. In 2018, the number hit 1,500. Across the state of Texas, the total number of job ads for accounts was 5,645. As you can see, companies are struggling to fill this massive amount of listings.

It's Wasn't Always Like This

It wasn't this way just a few short years ago. In fact, in 2011 and 2012 it was relatively easy to fill accountant positions in Dallas. But things have changed. Companies are simply not trying to fill the roles they need; they are trying to fill them with excellent employees that will bring value to their company or organization.

Gambling With Time

For this reason, companies are now moving more quickly when trying to fill an open position. They certainly don't want to waste any time. Some are even axing in-person interviews to quickly screen potential candidates and fill a position within 8 to 12 weeks. While this isn't the best tactic when hiring a new employee, companies are using it to keep their businesses operating. It may sound like a gamble, and sometimes it is.

It Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

However, there is an alternative. By using a staffing agency like ICS, where prospective candidates are already screened, companies can fill positions quickly and with the right people. Whether an organization needs a permanent or temporary work-force, ICS can provide the right candidate for the right job, saving companies time, money, and stress when searching for job-seekers during their busiest times of the year. Click below to start your search!

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