Long Island Jobs Are Increasing In Favorable Economic Environment

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 10, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Overall, the state of the local economy and the increasing number of Long Island jobs provide a favorable environment for the area's growing local population. Living on Long Island no longer means a long commute into the city for work. More people working on Long Island means a more competitive job market. To increase your chances of finding well-paying, permanent employment here, you need a top notch resume and a willingness to work in temporary or consulting positions until you find the right job. Most job seekers take temporary to permanent or consulting positions while waiting for permanent Long Island jobs to open up. These temp to perm positions often turn into permanent placements and eventually see a pay increase.

As of June 2016, the outlook for all Long Island jobs statistically improved. Positions here and the rest of NYC reduced the unemployment rate to 4.7%. The job market in Long Island, which, geographically speaking, includes Brooklyn and Queens, provided 57.2% of the area’s working age population for full and part time employment. And there is no sign of slowing growth. Employment has increased 2.7% over the last year according to the data compiled through June 2016. Another positive for the area is that average salaries for Long Island jobs are all higher than the national averages, including salaries for full time positions and consulting positions within human resources, information technology, and accounting.

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Brooklyn is Experiencing Rapid Economic Growth

The importance of Brooklyn jobs in the data cannot be over stated. The number of jobs in Brooklyn increased by more than 30,000 in just one year. Tech companies, IT Startups, entertainment companies, and the tourism industry are all increasing in Brooklyn at a rate more than double that of the state of NY as a whole. Because of this apparent prosperity, people are jumping at the chance to work and, of course, live in Brooklyn.

The borough is experiencing a 1% annual population increase, which is one of the highest rates in the nation. The real estate market shows no sign of a slowdown and it continues to be one of the most desirable places for Millennials to live and work. Its proximity to Wall Street Deal Makers and Silicon Alley in Manhattan also means this boom will continue well into 2017. The demand for Brooklyn-produced products within foreign markets is still rising. Further, many well educated immigrants are attracted to the Brooklyn neighborhoods because of the availability of high paying, professional jobs.

Human Resources Jobs

Professionals holding a full time human resources job in the area earns an average annual salary of nearly $111K, a figure close to $15K greater than the national average. These figures are based on individuals who hold a bachelor's degree and have seven years of experience in the field. While some individuals who wish to break into the HR job market on Long Island may be fortunate enough to immediately find a permanent position, many find temporary or consulting work that will provide a stepping stone that will eventually lead to the long term, full time work.

Temporary work is readily available for human resources candidates and many lesser experienced individuals can often improve their resumes with these positions and may see a steady increase in their pay scale. You may see these positions represented with titles such as "Human Resources Manager", "Human Resources Generalist" and "Human Resources Assistant".

Information Technology Jobs

IT jobs on Long Island provide an average salary of $88K, a figure which is 36% higher than the national average. As with other industries, many IT jobs on Long Island begin as temporary or consulting positions with hourly rates that are slightly less than regular salaries of full time employees. On average, expect to earn around $20-$40/hr in a temporary position while gaining experience and breaking into the IT industry on Long Island. Job titles for these positions are often similar to "Information Technology Specialist", "IT Technical Specialist", or "IT Business Technical Specialist".

Accounting Jobs

Full time accounting jobs in the area pay an average salary of almost $56K annually, or nearly $8K more per year than the national average for individuals with a bachelor's degree and zero to two years of experience in the field of accounting. Titles for these accounting positions may include "Accountant I", "Senior Accountant", "Accounting Consultant", "Bookkeeper" and more. Temporary positions may pay between $20 and $35 per hour and are available for full or part time work on a short to long term basis.