Jobseekers, Don’t Make It About You

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Hiring companies are increasingly using online employment services, like LinkedIn, to connect and communicate with job candidates. While there are positive and negatives to almost any form of communication, it's important to know how to communicate in a way that is clear and concise, without being arrogant. This is especially true when networking with potential employers through online business and employment services.

Watch What You Say

A good rule of thumb is to watch what you say. Only say things that would be appropriate if you were face to face with a hiring manager or introducing yourself at a live networking event. If you wouldn’t say it under these circumstances, then chances are you shouldn’t say it on services such as LinkedIn.

Avoid Displaying Selfishness

Also, keep in mind that employers do not want to hire someone who is selfish, so don’t make the conversation all about you. Using phrases such as, “I’m still available” or asking a potential employer to directly message you makes the conversation about you, and it sounds as if you feel you are doing them a favor by showing interest in their organization. While confidence in your skills and referencing your achievements is acceptable, consider mentioning those who you have learned from, such as a previous mentor or a former boss. This takes all the attention off of you and shows that you have the ability to learn from others.

Keep Your Contact Information Updated

Most reputable online business employment services provide a contact section for you to enter your phone number and personal email address. You should always make sure this information is readily available and up to date. Never suggest that an employer needs to directly message you in order to make contact. To show you are sincerely interested in a job, consider inviting the recruiter or employer to email you to set up a web-based introductory meeting. This can be added in the summary section.

Show What You're Interested In

It is best to spend time expressing the type of job you are interested in at the moment. Don’t shy away from mentioning specifically what role/function you are seeking to fill. Stay away from director or manager and be more specific. Include the industry of interest along with two cities you would consider working in for the role.

Don't Sound Desperate

Steer away from anything that makes you sound desperate. Your networking conversations should be full of positivity. Use your headline and summary as an opportunity to exhibit your strengths and share your skills. Avoid coming across as desperate by saying things such as “looking for my next gig.” Hiring managers who sense desperation usually wonder why nobody is hiring you and presume they should probably take caution as well.

Clearly express the specific role you are interested in. Saying that you would be interested in operations, sales, or finance only screams you are not passionate about a certain role and that you’re willing to accept any type of position. Plus, mentioning several different areas of interest shows a lack of direction, which conveys a negative message.

Carefully Create Your Posts

Always carefully curate the posts you publish on online employment services. To ensure your post is professional, only use formal grammar and proofread your content several times to ensure it’s free of errors. Use the find feature on Microsoft Word or Google Docs to search your post for words like “I,” “me” and “my” and then consider arranging the post to be more “you” and “your” focused.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

You can use technology to your advantage when job searching, but knowing the functionality of LinkedIn or other online employment services is key to successfully networking and communicating. To ensure you are taking full advantage of all the available functions, consider researching and visiting the help sections of each service provider.

Another suggestion is to write a professional email after making a valuable connection. This allows you to collaborate with a key individual and makes networking, assigning tasks, and setting reminders easier for the recipient. This also gives you the opportunity to tailor your message to the individual job and company.

Your communication tone is just as important as the content when job searching. Both need to be carefully designed and well communicated. Asking for another individual’s input is a great way to gain feedback and to ensure you are on the right track. Winning your dream position demands both practice and preparation.

You're the perfect candidate for the right position. You have to find a way to showcase that you're the perfect candidate. When you make things all about yourself, this shows a lack of compassion toward the company you want to secure employment through. While it's okay to be concerned about your own well-being, you should also highlight a concern for the well-being of the company. When you show that you have an interest in how well the company performs, this makes you highly valuable to the hiring manager.

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