Job Seekers Want You To Change Your Tune

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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It’s 2019, yet many companies are still stuck in the past when it comes to their hiring processes. It's taking time for them to realize that modern-day job seekers no longer respond to the same old hiring tactics.

Instead of working to make the hiring process smoother, many employers only make it unnecessarily difficult. Here’s a look into the cumbersome hiring process that job seekers go through:

Wordy Job Descriptions

Employers stuff too many qualifications in the job description, thinking it'll lead them to the most qualified candidates. But in fact, long job descriptions drive the best candidates away. The right candidates get too intimidated to apply for a job where they only meet 10 out of 20 qualifications.

As a result, recruiters drown themselves in applications from overqualified candidates who thought the job is a senior role and underqualified applicants who just send resumes everywhere.

Lengthy Online Application Forms

While applying through job aggregation sites like Indeed seems convenient, actually, it's not. Most job sites collect a lot of personal data that are already in the resume, making the application repetitive and inefficient. Rather than compelling candidates to hit the apply button, the lengthy form only stops them from doing so.

Time-Consuming Process

Most companies usually take between three to four weeks to get back to applicants. By the time they contact a well-qualified candidate, it's already too late. The candidate is already hired full-time by another company that didn’t leave him waiting.

Unsatisfactory Job Offer

When the employer finally gives the offer, it isn’t exactly what the candidate had in mind. The compensation is sometimes less than what the applicant expects. And employers leave them with little to no room for negotiations.

We need to put a stop to these stone-age hiring tactics or your company will risk being left behind. With unemployment at an all-time low, here are some tips to help your company attract talents despite tough competition in the job market:

1. Say goodbye to robotic screeners.

Robotic screening programs may narrow down your candidate search, but it won't be beneficial to your company in the long run. They can easily skip overqualified candidates, leaving you with lesser qualified individuals. Do yourself a favor and review the resumes a few times. You might come across a qualified candidate that a robotic program may overlook.

2. Aim for a smoother, streamlined process.

Drop the unnecessary steps. Don't ask candidates to fill out a 10-page application form if the data is already in their resume. Shorten interviews. Provide feedback at every point in the hiring process to ensure that you and the applicant are on the same page. Doing these will not only benefit the candidate but your company too. You'd be able to fill job vacancies quicker to get the business going.

3. Be more considerate and treat candidates with respect.

Understand that applicants won't be right at your office door at the snap of your finger. Interviews scheduled during work hours is fine as long as it’s convenient for both the candidate and hiring manager. Treat candidates how you'd like to be treated—with courtesy and respect. Don’t keep them waiting and don’t string them along if you cannot give them what they’re looking for.

4. Be upfront about compensation.

If you cannot offer the candidate their desired salary, tell them frankly from day one. There’s no use in dragging them along. Because in the end, they won't accept your offer. Instead, they'll look for an employer that can meet their needs.

5. Try your best to offer candidates what they want.

Employees know what they’re looking for in an employer, especially when it comes to perks and benefits. Do your best to offer more perks like flexible hours, work-from-home options, and ample vacation time. These perks may just be what it takes to get a candidate on board.

6. Don’t get stuck in the past.

Embrace change. Keep in mind that hiring tactics from the 1980s down to 2000s simply won’t cut it in 2019.

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