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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 23, 2016 8:23:00 AM

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Here at ICS, we specialize in recruiting for IT jobs and we would like to take the market’s pulse regularly to spot patterns and predict trends. For the last several years, IT jobs have continued to show their dominance as the most in-demand by employers. These information technology jobs do not show any sign of giving up their position as the most highly sought after technology jobs on our list. After interviewing several of the top headhunters in our offices, we found the most highly recruited IT Jobs belonged to technological fields such as Java development, automation, and big data.

IT Jobs that need DevOps skills:

Automation Engineer ($90,000-$135,000)
DevOps Engineer ($80,000-$150,000)
Site Reliability Engineer ($132,000-$170,000)

DevOps-related skills are a hot commodity in the IT job market. DevOps skillsets, such as technology operations, software engineering, and quality assurance, are crucial for automating much of IT. Being able to automate infrastructure is a huge part of DevOps because the same configuration can apply to several different nodes by scripting environments, which ultimately saves time and money. DevOps shows the true value of cooperation and collaboration between development and operations staff.

IT Jobs that need expertise in Python programming language:

Scientific Programmer ($55,000-$102,000)
Python Engineer ($92,000-$138,000)
Python Developer ($79,000-$185,000)

Expertise in Python programming language is another skillset that is highly coveted by employers seeking people to fill IT jobs. Python is a commonly used coding system that uses fewer lines of code than most programs to articulate concepts. Every system actually has Python ranked among the top ten programming languages due to its ability to be run on a wide variety of operating systems which include, Windows, iOS, Linux. It also places emphasis on its code readability. Therefore, it is also ranked among the top programming languages easiest to learn.

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IT Jobs in that need Java expertise:

Core Java Developer ($85,000-$129,000)
Java Developer ($69,000-$172,000)
Java Software Engineer ($74,000-$137,000)

Java is another programming language that is used on a large scale. Despite the fact that many people may feel that Java is not as popular as it used to be, it is still one of the most popular used programming languages because it is diverse and nearly ubiquitous. In fact, most Fortune 500 companies still use Java. A candidate for an IT job with a wealth of knowledge in Java appeals to employers and offers a vast amount of opportunity. For example, is a technology job website that has showed over 17,000 results for Java Developer job opportunities. Java can be run in many different areas such as enterprise applications, big data, mobile, etc. Java is so commonly used because it is WORA, which means it allows developers to write the code once and run anywhere as long as the platform supports Java.

IT Jobs that need Hadoop professionals:

Hadoop Developer ($73,000-$150,000)
Big Data Engineer ($114,000-$194,000)

Hadoop, a Java-based programming framework, is another program we have seen many companies looking to implement. The appreciation for this program lies in its ability to be able to process big data via its distributed file system. It allows for applications to be run on systems due to the increased rate of the transfer amongst nodes. This greatly reduces the risk of system failure. The Hadoop framework gives companies the ability to store and manage a greater amount of data (structured and unstructured) affordably, compared to relational database management systems today. Hadoop is becoming more appealing to companies, which means demand for Hadoop platform management professionals is on the uptrend as well.