IT Jobs In Arlington, Virginia Continues To Show Growth And Promise With More Job Openings

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 28, 2016 8:27:00 AM

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It cannot be emphasized enough: the information technology industry and the demand for talent to staff the industry is growing drastically. Several resources project that IT jobs will grow between 18—22% in the next five years. As reported by CNBC, four of the top ten hottest jobs in today’s economy are technologically based, including: software developernetwork and computer systems administratorweb developer, and computer systems analyst. Between these four positions combined, approximately 300,000 unique job openings on average are posted per month. As technology progresses, the demand for IT jobs and new technological expertise will continue to rise.

Nationwide, talented professionals are moving out of the bigger cities, especially the millennials, and companies are hot on their trail. One region in the United States that this appears to hold true for more than ever is Arlington County, Virginia. Competent employees are leaving Washington, D.C. and venturing into surrounding cities to increase their quality of life. Since most of us are now connected digitally, the necessity for IT employees to share the same office space is waning. But this is not the only factor behind the fundamental shift in where people live and businesses operate.

Why IT Employees Love Arlington, Virginia:


This county is appealing to the younger generation due to the vast amount of technology job opportunities available. The success of the Arlington startup scene plays a huge role in the amount of opportunity available. In fact, on Inc. 5,000’s list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, 23 companies were counted that are based in Arlington County. Rami Essaid, the CEO of Distil Networks (another startup company in Arlington) believes that most employees view working for startup companies as a long-term commitment. He feels that people want to grow into that career.

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Why the Employers Love Arlington, Virgina:

Educated Workforce

IT Recruiters do not have to search much farther than the DC Metropolitan area for the right people. Arlington has a well-educated technology talent pool. According to, 71% of Arlington residents 25 or older have at least a bachelor’s degree. There is George Mason University, Marymount University, DeVry University in Arlington, which are just three among many. Virginia is also home to top  tech programs at  schools such as UVA and Virginia Tech.

Business Incubation

The fourth largest city in Virginia, Arlington, has become a haven for many new tech startup companies and it is always hungry for more. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe approved multiple grants and investments including a $125K and a $150K grant both from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which Arlington would then match through tax abatements or direct financing in order to lure new tech companies to the county. Employee training will be funded via Virginia Jobs Investment Program, which was created to assist companies who are creating new jobs or experience technological change. Some businesses that have been recently relocated include:


Phone2Action is a civic engagement software platform that is migrating from Washington, D.C.. The expansion of this company in its new home of Arlington will create about 142 new jobs.

Basket Savings:

Basket Savings is a rather small company that develops an application software program and is looking to generate 65 new jobs from the move over the next few years.

Arriving Soon: Grant Thornton LLP

Grant Thornton LLP just announced recently that they will be consolidating their offices in Northern Virginia to Arlington County. This $15.75 million investment will create 348 jobs as well as maintain the 994 jobs already existing. Governor McAuliffe also approved Commonwealth’s $1 million grant to aid the county with the project. In addition, Grant Thornton also is capable of receiving assistance from the state from the Virginia Jobs Investment Program and Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit.

The rise and relocation of these companies will yield remarkable job-growth and thereby make a new Virginia economy more diverse and competitive in the marketplace.