Is Finding a Job During the Holidays Worth It?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Many people look for seasonal work during the holidays. Many retailers around the country bring in additional workers to help manage the rush of consumers that begins around Thanksgiving and lasts through the New Year. However, before you start looking for a seasonal job to earn a few extra bucks, you need first to decide whether it's even worth it. However, what happens when you need a full-time job during the holidays and not just seasonal work? This is entirely different, yet in many ways far more challenging than regular job hunting. If you're in the midst of a job hunt, the team at ICS is here to help. Here's what you need to know about finding a job during the holidays.

Should You Even Try?

Some recruiters will tell you to put down the resume and pack up the job hunt until after New Years. However, if you're out of work and looking for a job you probably can't shut down the process for two months just because of the season.

Yet, is it a pointless errand? After all, applying for work is a full-time job in many instances, so should you just take up a seasonal job at a local retail outlet until the holidays are over and done? If you need the money, you should absolutely take a seasonal job. It's temporary, it will give you some extra money for the time being, and it's easier to land this kind of a job over applying to retailers like Target or Macy's during other points of the year (when the employer knows you'll only be around for a few months anyway).

However, you shouldn't completely stop your application process. While many jobs do shut down hiring for the remainder of the year, other companies are in desperate need to fill certain positions. This way, by the time January rolls around they are fully staffed and running on all cylinders. Because so many other job applicants freeze their job hunt, it may put up less resistance and give you less competition for an excellent job.

Part-Time May Lead To Full-Time

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years represents the busiest travel time during the entire year. People visit family and friends while others take extended vacations. However, with so many people taking vacations it often leaves voids of productivity within a company. If even two or three employees go on vacation at the same time for a small business, it can cause serious problems for productivity within the company.

This may open up the opportunity to move into these positions, at least part-time. Even if an employer knows they will have their staff coming back eventually, they likely can't afford to shut down completely just because they are short staffed. Due to this, it makes more financial sense to bring in part-time, or temporary workers to take over some of the workload.

These kinds of positions are temporary, and won't come with the same kind of benefits as a full-time job. However, it does two things for you. First, it introduces you to the company. The business knows you, and you learn some of the inner workings of the business. It's good to think of this as a trial on the job. If you do a good job, the boss may bring you back if there is an opening following the holidays.

Even if there isn't an immediate opening, you'll move yourself to the top of the call-back list when a position does become available. This way, you'll earn during the holidays while developing valuable connections with a business that may hire you in the future.

Challenge Accepted

Finding a job during the holidays can be a challenge. Companies may shut down the hiring process as their HR departments are already going through year-end paperwork. Many businesses also want to cut down on expenses before the new year for tax purposes. If you're out of work and need a job, by all means, continue on, but you might be better off taking a seasonal job while you continue to put out resumes for the real line of work you're interested in for the long term.

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