In-person Interactions: How Meeting Your Recruiters Benefits You

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 27, 2012 8:22:00 AM

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While the digital age has transformed job searching and opened up a vast world of opportunities, it has also fostered a false sense of connection to our virtual acquaintances. Unfortunately, it is easy to take in-person interactions for granted, but their value, especially while hunting for a new job, is immeasurable. For recruiters, meeting face to face allows them to assess a candidate’s demeanor, personality, and professionalism. What some may not realize, however, is that meeting your recruiters greatly benefits the applicant as well, in more ways than one.

You can gleam a lot about a company just by walking into their offices and the same can be said for staffing agencies. First and foremost, it confirms you are working with a legitimate recruiter. Sadly, it is all too easy to be scammed these days via career sites like LinkedIn and emails cannot confirm much. Visiting a physical office, however, will validate whether an opportunity is authentic. It will also provide clues about the firm’s culture and current level of success, both of which will shape your job search experience.

What Environment Are You Working With?

A loud, chaotic environment that feels not just fast-paced but frenetic often suggests a swift and high-pressured process. Conversely, a calm, orderly atmosphere with a focused professional energy likely indicates a more deliberate and thoughtful search. While most people prefer the latter, if there is a specific position that is too good to pass up, you can prepare yourself to counterbalance the frenzied intensity of the former. Likewise, a recruitment agency’s aesthetic reflects not only how successful they are but also the caliber of their clients. For example, a dingy place with dilapidated furniture and outdated contraptions does not bode well, but a bright and tidy space with contemporary furniture and modern equipment denotes a talented team of recruiters working with equally accomplished companies.

Why Show Your Face?

While gathering information about the firm representing you is a compelling enough reason to meet with your recruiters, putting a face to your name probably influences your job search the most. There are just some things you cannot communicate through a resume, even if you compose the most charming email to accompany it. Your resume and correspondence details your experience and, to some extent, illustrates your professionalism. Your personality and the unique traits that will determine whether you are truly right for a position, however, are best expressed in person. For example, tone in emails is frequently misconstrued, but your meaning suddenly becomes clear when accompanied by the inflection of your voice, facial expressions, and body language. Similarly, how well an individual will mesh with a company’s culture is the deciding factor when it comes to hiring someone. Experience and skills matter, but those are also things that can evolve over time and with training. Personality, on the other hand, is comprised of intangible elements that cannot be taught.

Make A Connection

Meeting your recruiters in-person also transforms the tenuous and superficial connection established through online interactions into something concrete and meaningful. It is a quirk of the human brain that simply by being in the same room as someone else, we become more invested in each other and make more of an impression. When you are working with recruiters, you want them not only to care about you but also remember you when opportunities materialize. That becomes infinitely harder when someone is just words on paper.

Get Some Practice In

Approached properly, your staff agency intake can also strengthen your interview skills. If you are at the beginning of your job search, you may be a bit rusty. Going through the process, however, will get you back in the swing of things. Also, treat this as seriously as you would an interview with a potential employer because it is just as significant. In fact, you are interviewing for not just one job but all the jobs that might be a good fit. The only difference is that afterwards you will receive feedback that will help you interview even better next time. Recruiters are excellent sources of information and masters of self-marketing. They know all the resume tweaks, business etiquette, and interview tips. While you can read all the articles you like, nothing beats personalized attention and specific advice. Of course, the only way a recruiter can accurately assess your interviewing skills is through an actual interview. Beyond valuable practice and constructive criticism, it also enables your recruiters to put post-interview feedback into better context.

Don't Settle For Superficial

While occasionally a job opening will be filled at an accelerated pace and geography might make meeting impossible, be wary of a recruiter that does not ask to meet you in-person. That initial face to face provides critical information for both of you and you should be eager to do it. After all, a fruitful job search and professional success depends on it, for job recruiters and candidates alike.

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