ICS: Investing In People

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 22, 2014 8:32:00 AM

In ICS insights

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

This was true when Michael Jordan said it, and it was certainly true on Sunday at the Meadowlands, when Seattle’s brilliant teamwork determined that the Vince Lombardi Trophy will reside in Seattle for the next year.

At ICS, we have always believed that, no matter how sophisticated our staffing and recruiting business becomes, we won’t win any championships unless we build and nurture the ICS team.  If we succeed, we succeed as team.

The notion of teamwork is essential to everything we do at ICS because our business is based on people. From the very beginning, our approach to staffing and recruiting has been based on building thousands of personal relationships that together form the ICS community.  Our belief in a community has never wavered and indeed led us to reject the industry trend toward pure automation—because we understand that a community based on strong personal relationships enables us to connect the right talent with the organizations that need it in a way no algorithm ever could. We believe automated search can never replace human creativity in the quest to make long-lasting and productive connections between job seekers and employers.

As a result, we spend a great deal of time thinking about our own team. At ICS we believe in investing in employees. We believe in providing them with the opportunities to grow and develop into experts in their field. Only by providing a stimulating culture and a work environment with opportunities for enrichment can we develop a team capable of best serving those who rely on us.  When we invest in the ICS team, we invest in their ability to provide our candidates and clients with the valuable professional insight and strategic guidance they need.

And this week, we are extremely gratified that our belief in developing, nurturing, and rewarding the talent of our employees on the ICS team has been recognized. ICS has been named one of the Best Companies to Work for in New York State by the Society for Human Resources Management.

The award, based on employee surveys and a comprehensive review of employee programs from mid-size businesses from around New York State, validates our strong belief that by providing employees the opportunity to engage and develop their talent, they can better serve those who rely on us.

Developing the ICS internal team means developing strong internal relationships.  At ICS, our business is based on one simple belief:  Strong personal relationships deliver the most successful results for both our candidates and our clients. The simple fact is that that the knowledge we gain when we invest our time in people instead of computer-generated searches is the key to our success. Our approach is not complicated and our recommendations are not automated.   But with one of the highest retention rates in the industry, we have found that our simple approach delivers extraordinary results.

ICS is committed to ensuring that employees have open lines of communication with all levels of management. ICS has several modeled career paths, but also provides opportunities for employees to create their own path.  We are a growing company and value input from our employees to realize their full growth potential.  Employees are encouraged to bring fresh career map ideas to the table.

We believe in employee development and so we regularly analyze the organizational capabilities required to help employees achieve the objectives we set for them.  We continually identify capabilities required to achieve these objectives and transform them into skills and behaviors that can be incorporated into each employee’s development plan so they can continue to grow professionally throughout their career.

We are particularly proud of having been singled out as one of New York State’s Best Places to Work because at ICS, we invest in people.