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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Recently, our company had the privilege of being interviewed for a French TV show. One of our partners, Matt Walden, was interviewed for the piece and gave insightful answers to the questions they had about A.I. Here's your inside look at the most important parts of the interview, no passport required. 

What is a Precise Example of Staffing for Artificial Intelligence?

One of our clients, a bank, wanted to push for software developer teams. We're currently fulfilling their hiring initiatives and to date, we have completed 50% of that project. Artificial Intelligence is much more of a buzz word at this time, so companies are continually asking us for these type of skilled workers to help them. They want a team of people who can build in the intelligence slowly. They've made progress, but none of those systems have made it into the wild and white collar work is starting to be affected, but not at scale. Automation and algorithmic training are smart enough to replace a lot of manual functions. In fact, they could replace teams of 20 down to 2. Recently, a bank had stated to us that they will be replacing all of their traders. It all comes down to the fact that computers can do the work. 

The speed and scale at which this intelligence comes to fruition could be difficult to keep up with, considering the demand and loss of employment. Therefore, adapting and reinventing the workforce in America will be difficult. Trade schools have been in place, but not the same of yesterday. We'll also start to see online learning and online training for software development. In the end, we should be able to train that workforce, but it has to start now. Companies need to understand that there may be a lag, but if companies and schools can come together and train, they will be capable of adapting and closing that displacement gap. 

Are White Collar Workers Aware It's Coming So Fast?

White collar workers are not aware of this impending change. As an example, in New York and Chicago, many traders did not think their jobs would be lost. We're currently working on staffing the companies that have been replaced by automation. Those jobs are not coming back and workers of today don't believe it will happen to them. A lot of it is ego, especially in sales. Some of it is head-in-the-sand thinking, but make no mistake that AI in mass layoffs is starting to happen. Amazon may be a great example because of what's happening to retail. So many people have been removed from that process at a lower level.  New things will be invented and worked on, but many of what we see today will be gone. 

Will This Be the Toughest Challenge to Face Workers?

ICS has seen a lot in its years of business and particularly in the financial crash and Y2k. We witnessed a lot of worker displacement throughout the years. It will take time for workers to reinvent themselves, but they will do it and we will have jobs in the future. The workers will go through shock and fear, but very slowly they'll realize that those jobs are not coming back and those salaries are not coming back. At that point, they'll have to wake up because reinvention takes a long time. It needs to start now.  

There is hope for the future. In fact, machine learning and automation training jobs will be big in this revolution. There is already a talent war for these roles and there are more and more jobs coming in for these positions. Those with the needed skills will have multiple offers and we encourage our clients to move fast on these candidates. As we move forward, everyone will have to adapt. 

What Can ICS Do To Help You Start Moving Forward?

If you need immediate assistance with AI staffing for the future, contact us to learn more about what ICS has to offer and the many successes we've had in the past. We've seen many revolutions in staffing and we're ready to walk you through your own.

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