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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 31, 2018 1:30:00 PM

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The saying, "Good news travels fast" is more than accurate. It is always a privilege to share great news with our clients and candidates. That's why it pleases us to announce that Infinity Consulting Solutions has been featured on two tech industry blogs. Both articles report the highest paying tech jobs, as per our 2018 Salary Guide. Jobs like data architect, information security manager, and network architect are paid top dollar in 2018, but let's explore why these jobs are earning more money than other industries:

Laws and Regulations 

The demand for tech in several disciplines is climbing as new regulations and laws come into play. Take GDPR as one example of how tech jobs are needed to remain compliant. Staffing Industry Analysts mentions a network architect as one of the highest paying jobs for a reason. Companies need developers and architects to perform at an optimal level and to mitigate risk through documentation and proper development that is proactive rather than reactive. Even if a breach does occur like the ones we've seen in the news recently, organizations will need that headcount to be able to isolate the situation, address the breach, and implement stronger defense mechanisms. 

New Technologies

Regulations are one point to overcome, but new technologies are emerging and becoming more mainstream as well. Blockchain is a great example of how developers are needed to start new technology in businesses looking to improve and adapt. This new technology will bring more jobs and more of a demand for tech workers who can specialize in Blockchain. Industries that have adopted these new technologies are greatly focused in banking and tech. These companies will need to attract talent who can build out these systems and maintain them if they want to remain competitive. TechRepublic listed out several tech jobs that have an ability to impact this technology at different levels. Like any other new technology Blockchain requires more than just developers to run smoothly. 

Job Seeker's Market

Due to the above changes, it is a job seekers' market right now. With unemployment down to record lows, talent is even harder to find. This may force companies to look at passive candidates who may be more motivated by high-pay. Employees have the power to ask for more because they know that their positions are in high-demand with a skills gap to boot. This will cause employers to pay top dollar for these coveted positions without job seekers having to bat an eye. Until the market is flooded with the tech talent that companies need, candidates dictate the salary negotiation game. 

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For more information on how much to pay your employees for 2018, pre-order our salary guide. There is plenty more information included in this guide that will help you tighten up your recruiting strategy. Candidates should be on the lookout for our Job Seeker's Guide coming soon!