ICS And Baking Memories 4 Kids Gives Back To Denver

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Nov 15, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Cerebral Palsy is a brain disorder that manifests itself in a full-body impairment of movement and motor function. It affects a person as a baby and it is incurable. Therefore, victims of this needless disease have never known and probably will never know the freedom we enjoy as healthy humans.

Tyler Rolston, a young, 8 year old boy in Denver, CO has only known life with burden of CP. Tyler was born 8 weeks premature and struggles with his everyday life which includes a meeting with his therapist and a permanent view from his wheelchair. Luckily, he has an attentive father who does everything possible to make Tyler comfortable. But it’s not always easy. Tyler’s everyday life also includes a few simple dreams: a dream to be on the field of his home team, the Denver Broncos, and a dream to have a few carefree days where he gets to be a regular kid.

Frank Squeo, the founder and mastermind behind Baking Memories 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that turns dreams, dreams exactly like Tyler’s, into reality.  Frank, along with his supporters at ICS, surprised Tyler and his family this past week while standing mid-field at Mile High Stadium, no less: “On behalf of everyone at Baking Memories and ICS, we are sending you and your whole family on a trip to Disney World!”

Hugs, cheers, and tears immediately followed the huge surprise. Tyler’s father, his dedicated caregiver, proudly saw Tyler forget his pain for a brief moment and experience pure joy. Tyler not only was able to feel like a regular kid, but he also got to be treated like a real Denver Bronco.

Frank watched the same scene with an overwhelming sense of joy. This is the 30th family that Frank has surprised since he founded Baking Memories 4 Kids. The happiness never fades, he says, “Each time keeps getting better.”

His mission is to temporarily alleviate pain and replace it with exuberance. Frank raises money for his mission by baking and selling homemade cookies (and they are ridiculously delicious cookies!). He himself once experienced the crippling pain of testicular cancer and, after his recovery, vowed to help others find some comfort when there is none to be found.

Doug Klares, very close friend of Frank and the CEO of ICS, has been involved with Baking Memories since the beginning. The passion and manpower that he used to grow ICS has been applied to a higher mission by working with Frank. For 3 years, Doug and his employees have personally helped package boxes of cookies and shipped them to their clients with the hope that this type of kindness is infectious and will eventually be paid forward.

This year, Doug recruited the help of his Denver Office to really show Tyler some love. The team includes Chris Bonnstetter, Dan Lewis, Emma Picker, Justin Joseph, Nichole Hager and Tyler Cranmer.

As we saw on Thursday, November 10th, 2016, Tyler had a meeting with the Denver Broncos cheerleaders instead of his therapist. 

 If you would like to see the same thing happen to another deserving child, please donate to Baking Memories 4 Kids!