Human Resources and Administrative Jobs In Demand

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 20, 2016 8:29:00 AM

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Human resources and administrative jobs are in high demand in every industry. Although there are numerous positions that are vital to the success and effective operation of a business, the significance is often overlooked. Human resources and administrative jobs frequently fall under this category. However, without these roles, the success of any business would quickly fall into shambles.

 The Human Resources department is responsible for the most important asset to the company; the people who provide the knowledge and skills needed to fuel innovation. Employees and contractors alike rely on HR for paychecks, benefits, training, and resolving inter-office issues. Many perceive the department as having simple jobs with little responsibility, when in reality, the challenges HR professionals deal with are more complex than most give them credit for. Whether or not we know it, HR departments are what keep organizations functional and adaptable. 

Top five responsibilities for HR professionals (according to a recent survey by OfficeTeam) are as follows:


Recruitment ranks at the top of most challenging aspects on the list of duties for HR professionals. They are responsible for recognizing talent and hiring the top candidates. This also comes with the role of knowing how to find talent and attract that talent. This may include networking, viewing résumé databases and applicant tracking systems, and searching on social media pages, such as LinkedIn.

2.Employee Terminations and Layoffs:

Although it may not be HR’s decision to fire an employee, they are often left with the responsibility of delivering the news of the termination to them. This can obviously be a very stressful and emotional process for whoever is being laid off. However, Human Resources professionals are also put under pressure due to the legal guidelines involved. One small mistake in the termination process can lead to issues ranging from a delayed layoff process to a very expensive lawsuit against the company.

3.Benefits and Perks Programs:

The third ranked most difficult challenge that the Human Resources Department deals with is managing the company’s perks and benefits program along with other programs involving the benefits of other employees. This list may include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401k Plans
  • Paid Vacation time
  • Disability

4.Internal and External Compensation:

It is also Human Resources professionals who are accountable for paying employees' compensation in cost-effective manner. They must figure out how to give benefits such as raises to their top performers in a way that is fair and just. HR professionals also have to make certain that active employees are not enticed by other companies offering better salaries or more rewarding benefits. Therefore, they must be competitive in their approach to compensate employees.

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5.Safety and Employee Relations:

The challenges regarding workplace safety and employee relations are amongst other challenges the HR department faces, but were not included in this survey. In any company, there are going to be differences of personality, opinion and ways to approach situations. Therefore, issues will appear amongst employees. HR is responsible for straightening these conflicts out and making sure that there are no ongoing problems within the workplace. They also have to measure job satisfaction in order to fortify the employer-employee relationship and provide a healthy and safe work environment. However, these are not the only steps necessary to provide a safe workplace. Other precautions must be taken, such as proper safety training.

HR Jobs in Demand Include:

HR Manager: ($82,600-$108,000)

The HR manager oversees and manages the human resources department of a company. They are responsible for planning and implementing HR programs and policies as well as assessing employee relations.

HR Business Partner: ($79,000-$143,000)

A human resources business partner is a type of manager that is able to help settle conflicts and help employees to understand the business policy. Business policy is the study of the roles and responsibilities of certain employees as well as the issues that affect the organization’s success in the long-run, otherwise known as the business policy.

HR Director: ($50,000-$130,000)

The human resource directors are the ones responsible for implementing HR values via planning and administering HR programs.

HR Generalist: ($37,000-$67,000)

The HR generalist’s job involves solving performance problems by administering HR programs by contributing their talents through talent acquisition, employment processing, staffing, training and development, etc. 

Top Responsibilities for Administrative Support:

Companies across the country are seeking organized, flexible professionals to support the functions of organizations large and small. Admin workers implement activities regarding administrative and office support for several supervisors. Day to day tasks include taking phone calls, receiving and guiding visitors, word processing, faxing, and filing. Communication, internet research, and software skills are all vital elements for administrative workers to possess.

Administrative Jobs in Demand Include:

Administrative Assistant: ($34,000-$91,000)

Every office needs administrative assistants to provide administrative and office support activities. They often work for several supervisors to keep the office running smoothly by implementing administrative systems and procedures.

Executive Assistant: ($40,000-$81,000)

The executive assistant is able to strengthen an executive’s efficiency through his or her ability to contribute information management support.