How Your Company Can Compete for the Best Dallas Developers

Posted by Kat Oliver on Aug 31, 2018 12:00:00 PM

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Having trouble hiring the developers you need to succeed? Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • 93,178 development jobs open in Dallas with 18,572 development candidates, meaning there are over 5 jobs open for every 1 developer in Dallas.
  • Development jobs have increased 107.8% from Dec 2017 to July 2018.
  • Active Development candidates have only increased by 14.6% from Dec 2017 to July 2018.
  • National median salary for Developers is $114,400.
  • Dallas 2018 salary variance is 109.5%, putting the Median Salary for Developers in Dallas at $125,268.

So how can YOU compete for the best developers in the market? Start by asking yourself the questions below.

  • Are you looking for the “perfect” fit?
    • If you answered yes, stop now. Unless you have an unlimited budget (and even then), there is no such thing as perfect.
    • You’re better off looking for the BEST fit, meaning you may have to flexible on a technical skill here or there. 
  • Are you in tune with the current market?
    • With 5 open positions for every 1 developer in Dallas, basic economics tells us that we have a supply and demand issue.
    • Salaries will be artificially inflated above the reported local averages, candidates will negotiate more frequently and more creatively, and the candidates will be pickier than ever.
  • Are you prepared to BE interviewed?
    • Be aware that they are interviewing you the entire time. As a hiring manager, if you don’t know how to promote your company or just aren’t selling your position/team/vision/culture well, that may be the cause of your struggles.
    • The traditional interview of running candidates through a technical gauntlet is no longer successful in closing candidates down.
    • Know your sell! Communicate how are you different and/or better than your competitors. If you’re working with an agency recruiter, they should be providing you with valuable information around what the candidate wants/needs from the very beginning.
  • Would you participate in your entire interview process yourself?
    • Try and put yourself in the candidates’ shoes in this tight market. They are actively interviewing with multiple companies and have limited availability around their current work schedule. Your process needs to be conducive to getting the best candidates thoroughly vetted and excited about your position ahead of others’ processes.
    • Use technology to enhance/expedite the interview process (i.e., Skype interviews, HackerRank or other technical assessments.)
    • Offer interview times outside of core business hours.
    • Combine two interviews into one where possible.
  • Did you make your intentions known?
    • If you liked the candidate, let them know!
    • Recruiting and hiring is very similar to dating, so if you don’t make your interest known, it leaves the other side to jump to conclusions and move on to other opportunities.
    • On the other hand, try to avoid giving false hope to the candidates that you know you won’t hire.

Now what? Take advantage of your network and use your resources to compete with the rest of the market.

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