How to Make Bank at Your IT Job

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Nov 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Do you specialize in IT? If so you'll find this field has never been in more demand than it is right now. You have the potential to make bank at your IT job if you know where to look. There are a number of IT positions that are paying CEO-level salaries. After all, the modern business now heavily depends on technology and a strong Internet presence. However, some IT job positions will pay more than others, so if you're interested in gaining additional certifications or educating yourself in other areas of the field, here are a few areas you need to consider. 

IT Project Management

Of the IT job options listed here, IT project management is probably already one you're familiar with at the time. With an average salary of around $140,000, there is a good reason for it. Technology is of growing importance to companies around the world. Companies want an outlined technological goal and roadmap for how the business can reach it. An IT project manager is exactly what is needed in these instances. 

Pursuing software development and programming is a great way to start if you're interested in moving into IT project management. These skills are beneficial as you move forward, although you will need to focus on communication and organizational skills as well. This is, after all, a management position, so you need to be able to clearly inform others around you of the technological needs of the business. And often, these individuals will not have a clear understanding of tech, so it needs to be explained in laymen terms. 

Cyber Security

This is an IT position that isn't going anywhere. In fact, IT security will continue to expand with the further development of IoT and the importance of protecting Internet-based data. Even small companies are pushing toward cloud services and developing user-based mobile applications. Every application and IoT device needs to be properly insulated from external threats using cyber security technology. With an average salary of $116,000, you'll always have an available position where you can make bank. 

Development and Operations

Or DevOps for short, Development and Operations is the combination of both tech and business values within a specific company. If you have a passion for both business and the tech side of the industry, this may be the best opportunity for you. It also helps that the average annual salary for a DevOps engineer is around $143,000, with a DevOps manager making around $150,000. 

For this position, you need to polish off both your tech and business skills though. This is something you'll likely need to work up to. For example, you can work in the tech field while attending business courses at night. With a background in both IT and business, you'll instantly become an attractive candidate for companies around the globe. 

Naturally, this field isn't for everyone. If you have no interest in the business side of IT, there are plenty of other IT jobs with an impressive salary you can go for. But when passions collide, consider a future in pursuing DevOps. 

Data Science (Analytics)

Analytics is a big business these days. Companies rely on the continual influx of information to know how to best reach its target audience. This is so much more than just reading Google Analytics though. You need to have a greater insight into not only user data but how to obtain this information. 

A data science professional is someone who loves numbers and number crunching. When first moving into this position you'll likely take up a job in data analytics, which is the base level of data science. Data science allows you to dive further into the numbers and extract additional information from it. An excellent data science IT professional is worth their weight in salary, which is why the average data science IT position pays around $140,000 annually. 

With business moving further and further into the world if analytical data this job will become even more important in the future. 

Software Development

Software development ranges from enterprise level programs that run network wide to application creation for small and medium-sized businesses. There's a reason the median salary for a software developer is around $104,000. Plus, the longer you work in this field, the greater your ability to move into other fields, such as IT project management and DevOps. 

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