How Cloud Computing Impacts Your IT Team

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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According to CIO, Amazon Web Services ignited the first wave of cloud computing only about a decade ago. Today, AWS has a customer base in the millions, revenue in the billions, and hosts such high-profile companies as Netflix and CapitalOne Bank. The growth in cloud computing isn't likely to slow down soon, and one of the major impacts is the way it has transformed IT. Existing employees are being trained for new roles, and companies are hiring for different skills sets than they used to.

How Greater Movement to the Cloud Impacts Your IT Team

To illustrate how IT organizations change when they move to the cloud, it's helpful to consider some specific companies. For instance, the Wall Street Journal used the example of Enterasys Networks. This company began their move towards cloud computing and storage with one driver application, Salesforce, over a decade ago. Last year, a company spokesman said that they had deployed six cloud applications in as many months.

The company's focus on cloud-first computing has changed their hiring needs for employees pretty dramatically:

  • Originally, the company had about a 60/40 split between maintenance or operations and new application development.
  • Today, they estimate that they have about a 70/30 split between development or training and operations or maintenance.

The good news for the company's employees is that Enterasys Networks has worked to retrain employees in order to allow them to take on new responsibilities. For instance, many of the people who used to handle maintenance or operations are now retrained with business analytics, new development, and user support skills. Of course, future hiring will reflect their increased demand for customer support, development, and cloud technology. The company says that they still have plenty of reasons to hire; it's just the nature of the work that has changed.

Your IT Team May Enjoy Moving to the Cloud, If You Haven't Moved Already

It's easy to state the general benefits that companies might enjoy from their move to cloud computing. Some of these may include simplicity, flexibility, and the ability to scale faster. However, these are the kinds of benefits that appeal to the boardroom and overall company. As IT staff transitions to different roles, they appear happier with their jobs.

For instance, the spokesperson from Enterasys Networks said that they have had to supply their employees with a lot of training in order to fill new roles. In general, employee satisfaction rose because the technicians and programmers enjoyed having a chance to add new skills that could help them advance in their careers and enjoy their daily work more.

Instead of having to spend their days fighting fires, the employees seemed satisfied with their new roles of interfacing with people and helping their company work more productively. Of course, increased employee satisfaction can help save even more money with reduced turnover and higher productivity.

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