Houston Remains a Rising City for Young Professionals

Posted by Emily Minnis on Dec 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Houston’s job market continues to grow as the decade comes to a close, building on its steady rebound after the 2008 recession. The city boasts both a low unemployment rate and low cost of living, making it one of the U.S.’s highest-paying cities. Add to these the many restaurants, nightlife attractions, and museums available, Houston is certainly a top city that young professionals should watch out for.

Where Businesses Come To Grow, Opportunities Grow Too

Considered one of the most business-friendly cities in the country, Houston has successfully built itself up to be a great place to expand, relocate, or even establish a business. Because of this, professionals can find ample openings in various organizationsfrom small businesses to larger Fortune 500 companies.

Home to a Variety of Thriving Industries

Sales, computer technology, and financial services are just a few of Houston’s most successful industries. Those looking for work in architecture, engineering, or marketing field may also find opportunities in the city. Another booming sector is energy, which had a stronghold in the city after cutting jobs due to recession.

But healthcare remains one of the largest industries in Houston. With several hospitals, research institutions, and other medical organizations situated there, healthcare professionals have a host of options when it comes to furthering their careers.

In addition to the vast array of businesses that call Houston home, the city also has both Rice University and the University of Houston, which provide several professional development opportunities and resources for those looking to further their education.

A City of Attractions

Along with affordable housing and quite a few sprawling green spaces, the city continues to be a notable spot for young professionals looking for both career and personal development.

Many are drawn to the number of cultural resources and attractions that Houston has to offer. The city is well-known as a great place for food-lovers, with its several unique restaurants, specialty grocery stores, and more. Plus, Houston has a growing list of historical attractions and museums, making it a culturally significant and exciting place to live in.

Bring Your Career Goals to Houston

With this much opportunity, it’s no wonder that Houston continues to be a rising star for young professionals! If you’re based in or looking to relocate to Houston, Infinity Consulting Solutions can help you find the right employment opportunities. Click below to get started today!

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