Houston Java Jobs: Demand Picks Up

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Apr 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Java remains one of the top programming languages, especially when it comes to web-based applications utilizing client-server technology. Up to 9 million developers use this language that has its roots in C and C++ syntax. In addition, its streamlined low-level facilities make it easy to learn and use. New use cases are constantly being incorporated in this evolving language as the markets that use it expand. In the face of such growth, Java Developers have an optimistic outlook for job opportunities, including Houston and the rest of the Midwest.

Java is Alive and Strong

This versatile open-source programming language is going strong after 20 years and can now be seen everywhere. Java is used in private and public sector industries and has even made it to Mars on the Curiosity Rover. Startups, established businesses, and every business in between have discovered this powerful tool.

By aligning interconnectivity and communications, Java links different technologies to provide seamless integration to end users. RESTful APIs accomplish this, mainly via Java programming. (REST isn't a standard, but a style and RESTful implementations utilize HTTP, JSON, URI, and XML.)  Java drives Android, by far the world's most popular operating system. So, its future seems golden. Also, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies take advantage of Java for server-side development. For all of these reasons, the demand and salaries of Java engineers continue to increase.

The Demand is There

There is a myriad of positions Java developers can pursue, including web developer, web programmer, application developer, and software developer. These positions are transferrable to jobs worldwide.  Whether you set your sights on a huge corporation or a start-up, your skills will be in demand.

Still wondering who uses Java? Some of the most common websites you use every day - Netflix, Amazon and, Google - use this programming language on every page you view. Java developers are needed across the country, and these roles are difficult to fill due to high demand, including the Houston area.

Houston Market for Java Developers

Looking to make a move? Houston is a competitive market and a great place to grow or start your career as a Java developer. Coding Dojo recently reported that Java is among the top languages in high demand in the Houston market. As a result, Java tech employees are among the highest paid tech employees in Houston. Choose from companies like Deloitte, HP, Amazon, IBM, JPMorgan Chase and AIG, who all use Java developers and other tech experts. 

Houston Job Outlook

Between 2015 and 2016, Texas suburbs experienced half of the country's fastest growing populations. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau the greater Houston area is expected to grow 2.3 percent in 2018. The Job boom is likely to support the growing population. A high concentration of large energy corporations formed the base on a now diversified economy. There is a growing number of healthcare companies, a number of tech ventures and major companies moving into the area. In fact, Houston comes in third for the city with the most Fortune 500 headquarters. In 2017, it had 20 national headquarters. Local economists speculate that an additional 45,000 jobs a year will come to Houston through 2021.

Recent college graduates have helped make the city number 1 on Money’s “Best City for College Graduates” ranking, based on entry-level jobs and affordable living. This has made Houston a mecca for educated young people. Most of the population over 25 has high school diplomas, and a large percentage of residents now hold college and graduate degrees. 

Houston Java Jobs Can Be Yours

With such an exciting market for job seekers in Houston, we don't blame you if you're already packing your bags for Texas. On the off-chance you live there already, you must already be drawn to the compelling opportunities that await. If you're looking for your next opportunity, contact ICS. Most people struggle to perform at their current job while having a second non-paying job looking for their next opportunity. Take advantage of the partnership we offer to each and every candidate. We have intel on plenty of open jobs that are dying for candidates like you. Search our open jobs on our site and see for yourself.

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