Hottest Programming Languages of the Year

Posted by Hannah Day on Oct 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Technology has come to play an integral role in today's corporate world. No matter what industry a company is a part of, businesses can always benefit from adding tech masterminds to their team.

Since technology has become such an essential element in business, many organizations have created new positions and skillsets with tech workers in mind. Read on to learn what top programming languages and skills you need to know if you're seeking employment in the ever-evolving tech industry.


Java is used for a wide range of projects, including Android apps, credit card programming, and desktop and web enterprise applications. Rather than writing in numeric codes, Java allows programmers to write code easily using English-based commands. Unlike other programs, Java runs regardless of the platform or machine it's on.


JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages, is used both inside and outside the browser and on web pages and databases. While the two programming languages may sound similar, there are many key differences between Java and JavaScript, such as the platforms they run on and the syntax they use. However, knowing both of these programs will give you a competitive edge and make you a more employable programmer.


Ruby is considered a high-level, general-purpose top programming language on the market. On its website, Ruby is described as a "dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity." Ruby is used for web applications, web servers, system utilities, database work, backups, and more.


Like Ruby, Python is also a general-purpose programming language that is highly versatile. Python can be used for a wide range of projects, such as back-end web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. Python is simple enough to learn, read, and write in. Programmers use it to build websites and apps like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit.


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is used to structure content by defining elements like headings, paragraphs, or images. CSS, or more formally known as Cascading Style Sheets, is used to create different styles for HTML-defined elements by adding fonts, colors, or other stylistic elements. Both HTML and CSS are commonly used for building web pages.

Top 5 Skills that Employers Look For

In addition to knowing the many different top programming languages and their various uses, programmers must also have other technical and transferable skills. Here are the top five in-demand skills that employers are currently seeking:

1. Cloud Security/Cybersecurity

Today, more and more companies use cloud platforms to store information. As more businesses adopt the use of cloud technology, new challenges arise surrounding sensitive business data. As a result, the need for experts in cloud security and cybersecurity also increases.

2. Cloud Architecture

In today's tech industry, cloud architect skills are one of the top security skills companies look for when hiring. Developing a secure cloud architecture for today's businesses has become a top priority as companies want to ensure that their sensitive data is protected and inaccessible to hackers. This is especially important since businesses rely heavily on the data they store in the cloud.

3. Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, developers can build, deploy, and manage applications quickly, which is why it has become such an essential skill in tech. Developers with knowledge in cloud computing can unlock the cloud's full capabilities, making them desirable to hiring managers and business owners everywhere.

4. Wireless Network Development/DevOps

Development and Operations or DevOps looks at the lifecycle of software, from planning to use, and finally, to maintenance. DevOps is focused on continuous development, integration, and deployment, as it is mainly concerned with moving code from development to production. Having a solid understanding of DevOps is a great help to web developers and programmers in the cloud computing industry as it is widely used.

5. Windows Administration/Mobile Development

Hiring employees who can design and develop highly adaptable and useful websites and mobile applications that keep up with emerging technology is vital. This is the reason employers often look for candidates with strong windows administration and mobile technology skills. Expertise in these niche has become a top priority and competitive edge in today's corporate world.

Now that you know what programming languages and technology skills are in high demand, are you ready to begin your search for jobs in the tech industry? If you do, let Infinity Consulting Solutions guide you. We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. Click below to begin your search with us today!

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