Hot Cloud Computing Skills for 2018

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Cloud computing skills aren't something that you can focus on once and then forget about - much like technology in general, the industry itself continues to grow and evolve, and you have to do the same. Whether you're already employed in a position like a Solutions Architect, a DevOps Engineer or a Senior Systems Engineer, or if you're trying to find a new job in the new year, there are a number of hot cloud computing skills that you need to be focusing on for 2018 and beyond.

Information Security in the Modern Era

There's a reason why Certified Information Systems Security Professional (referred to as CISSP for short) is known as one of the most in-demand certifications in the cloud computing industry - cybersecurity itself is of critical importance in a cloud-based world. The average cost of a data breach is rising all the time, and often cloud computing professionals act as the first line of defense in terms of factors like access management, software development security and more. It's also a skill that many companies are willing to pay handsomely for, too.

Linux Has Arrived

Microsoft has significantly embraced the open-source market over the last few years, which means that the number of Azure servers out there that are Linux-based is only going to grow as time goes on. Whether you're conducting your own job hunt or are working with a staffing agency, making an effort to further your skills in critical areas like architecture, design, administration, and maintenance on Linux servers in a cloud environment can really help you stand out from the competition.

DevOps and the Software Lifecycle

Developmental Operations, or DevOps, is an essential skill to have because it lets you work within the entire software lifecycle. Many IT staffing recruiters are specifically looking for people who can be of help with planning, to use, to maintenance, and absolutely everything in between, which means this is absolutely one cloud computing skill that you want to focus on for 2018.

It's All About Databases

In only the last few years, more data has been created than in all the years leading up to it in human history - combined. Organizations house this data in databases, allowing them to both collect and process it to the point where they can extract the valuable information and insight hidden beneath all those 1s and 0s. Currently, the majority of these databases are hosted on cloud-based platforms and if you have the skills to manage, store, and help access that data, the chances are high that there are jobs out there that are yours to lose.

Learning database languages like SQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Hadoop will also only get more important over the next few years. 

A New Era of Programming

Cloud computing has brought with it a significant level of disruption, but this is perhaps no more apparent than it is in terms of programming. Developers now have the tools at their fingertips to build, deploy and manage applications faster than ever and to scale in ways that were essentially impossible only a decade ago.

Because of this, advancing your capabilities with programming languages like Perl, Python, and Ruby is an essential step to take in terms of cloud computing skills for 2018. More traditional languages like PHP, Java, and even .NET also continue to be popular, so you'll likely want to make them priorities as well.

The Evolution of Quality Assurance

As stated, the cloud makes it easier than ever to build, deploy and maintain software in a faster way than ever before. Because of this, products are rarely "released" anymore in the traditional sense - at least not in the form of a finished product. The MVP or "minimum viable product" is the new norm, but companies still depend on Quality Assurance Professionals to help make sure that everything they release meets the requirements and solves the challenges it set out to in the first place.

You can only make one first impression, particularly when it comes to software development and early user adoption. Often, Quality Assurance Professionals are responsible for the shape that first impression takes to an incredible degree, which is why this is absolutely an area to focus on if you want to make yourself more attractive and competitive to the cloud computing marketplace. 

This Isn't a "Game" That You Can "Win"

Again, perhaps the most important thing for you to understand about all of this is that cloud computing is naturally a fluid concept. Look at the cloud as it was even five years ago and compare it to today - you're looking at wildly different technological foundations with different applications, implications and more.

Because of this, honing your cloud computing skills must be something that you continue to do on an ongoing basis. Don't look at it as a "game" to be won - the moment that you feel like you've "done enough" to advance your own skills is the moment you stop being competitive in the market at large.

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